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Where the Engineering Jobs Are: April 2015

Where are your skills are in the most demand? A quarterly examination of the distribution, outlook, and availability of the top five engineering jobs in the United States.


Want to run a Fortune 50 company? Start with an engineering degree.

If your goal is to become the wealthy CEO of a Fortune 500 company, having an undergraduate degree in engineering is a good start. In fact, this year 7 of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies are run by engineers.

We know engineers are no strangers to the boardroom, but when we researched the CEOs of each Fortune 50 company, even we were surprised by how many of them are engineers.


How to: Get an Engineering Job with a Low GPA

One of the most popular questions we see from soon-to-be-graduating engineers and students looking to land a fruitful engineering internship is "How do I get a job with a 2.5 GPA in ________ engineering?" or "Is it possible to get an internship with a low GPA?"

With that in mind, we gathered a few expert opinions from engineers and recruiters on how best to overcome a low engineering GPA.


6 Memorable Engineering Interview Questions

Congratulations, you got an interview! But the sense of accomplishment is short-lived. The next thoughts that come to mind are visions of sweaty palms, dusty suits, and uncomfortably long silent pauses. Before long your brain jumps to anticipating those vague "what-are-they-trying-to-learn-anyway" interview questions. Fortunately, interviewing is a skill, and like any other, it can be learned and improved.


Future, Please: Underwater Cities

From the ever-iterating myth of Atlantis to the underwater utopias of post-Golden Age science fiction, we were promised a better world beneath the waves. Why isn't it here yet?


How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Why does LinkedIn Matter? LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals on the web. What makes it great for business and career networking is the ability to leverage the people you already know to exponentially expand your network of potential career and business contacts.


How Do Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Find Engineers?

LinkedIn is more than a social platform and resume host. Increasingly, recruiters use their network to track down promising engineers. We spoke with Greg Wahl, Janine N. Truitt, and Tom Armour about LinkedIn's use as a professional recruiting tool.


Engineering in New Zealand with Opus International Consultants

New Zealand is arguably the most beautiful land in the world — and absolutely the most challenging canvas for a talented engineer. With volcanoes, earthquakes, and punishing terrain, every project needs everything you've got.


Future, Please: Frickin Lasers

The theoretical underpinnings are nearly a century old, and the first solid-state lasers date to the 1950s. Sixty years later, why can't I buy a laser pistol at Walmart?


Will Your Boss Pay Your Tuition?

By now, the problem is all too familiar: To remain competitive, an engineer requires extensive, expensive investment in education and training, while the necessary time and money remains out of reach without taking on onerous debt or de-prioritizing one's career.

How can you afford the time and money to continue your education, without splitting your focus or taking on debt?


Best Engineering Movies on Netflix

So you didn't plan to be spending the weekend inside. Or maybe you did, but television is even more terrible than you had initially anticipated. No worries! Netflix to the rescue! For cabin-feverish engineers and engineering students out there, here's a quick run-down of the best engineering movies on Netflix.


Which Second Languages are in Demand in Engineering?

The modern engineering marketplace is increasingly global. Corporate structures and supply chains span continents, while an increasingly team-centered, networked approach to problem solving places a premium on communication skills. Which second languages are most useful (and lucrative) for today's engineers?


Engineered Careers: 3D Printing Entrepreneur

3D printing is a much-hyped technology, with applications ranging from manufactured organs to home production of Print-On-Demand consumer goods purchased over the Internet. Speculation is endlessly entertaining, but setting up shop in an emerging industry takes an engineer. Ed Hebel of Free Thought Designs walks us through why and how he became a 3D printing entrepreneur.


A Brief History of Concrete

Where did engineers first develop the precursors of modern concrete and what does that have to do with plate tectonics?


9 Questions to Ask on an Interview

It's easy to forget that asking good questions is every bit as important as having the right answers. In a job interview, asking focused, intelligent questions of your interviewer demonstrates initiative, thoroughness, and careful analysis of your options – qualities every engineer should have. To get you started, we'll consider nine solid questions to ask in an interview.