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The 20 Greatest Engineering Feats of 2014

As we've done in 2012 and 2013 we're bringing you what we think were this year's biggest engineering feats. But, as our writer Kal astutely pointed out, “2014 is, like, a whole year. A lot of stuff happened.” So we've expanded from our previous lists of 8 and 12 to a more robust 20.

We think you'll agree 2014 was a pretty great year in engineering.


Future, Please: Hoverboards!

Everyone wants a hoverboard, and anyone who says they don't is lying.


Becoming the Indispensable Engineer

Being the heart of your team — the truly indispensable engineer — is a less of a stable state than an ongoing commitment to professional development, integrity, and excellence.

Indispensable engineers build on mastery of their field's core competencies, steadily increasing their stock of knowledge while expanding into customer-facing and commercial skill sets.


4 Ways Graphene Changes Everything

Graphene reveals new, revolutionary properties on a monthly basis. Over the last decade, this wonder material went from a curious carbon allotrope to the single-most-expensive material in the world. As production costs for exfoliated graphene crashed to levels comparable with tilapia fillets, so did interest in its practical application.


What Makes Seattle a Great City for Engineers?

Have you been thinking about relocating to expand your career prospects? Ready to try a new city on for size after graduation? Whether you're in aerospace, software, or green tech... love to sail or just love espresso... Seattle has something for you.


The 10 Greatest Engineering Feats of 2013

2013 brought many exciting, promising advancements in many areas of engineering. Here are the moments, concepts, and products that caught our eye this year.


Best Engineering Movies on Netflix

So you didn't plan to be spending the weekend inside. Or maybe you did, but television is even more terrible than you had initially anticipated. No worries! Netflix to the rescue! For cabin-feverish engineers and engineering students out there, here's a quick run-down of the best engineering movies on Netflix.


Which Second Languages are in Demand in Engineering?

The modern engineering marketplace is increasingly global. Corporate structures and supply chains span continents, while an increasingly team-centered, networked approach to problem solving places a premium on communication skills. Which second languages are most useful (and lucrative) for today's engineers?


Will Your Boss Pay Your Tuition?

By now, the problem is all too familiar: To remain competitive, an engineer requires extensive, expensive investment in education and training, while the necessary time and money remains out of reach without taking on onerous debt or de-prioritizing one's career.

How can you afford the time and money to continue your education, without splitting your focus or taking on debt?


Burns: What to Expect When You're on Fire

As an engineer, you may work in the most interesting and dangerous situations in the modern world. Fires, explosions, and high-voltage electricity are tools of the trade. Implementing and refining safety procedures reduced workplace fatalities by more than 90% over the last century, but they do still occur.

What happens when accidents happen? What should you expect when you catch fire?


Advice for Young Engineers Starting their First Job

The unfamiliar territory of having to wake up before 9 a.m. on a regular basis is daunting, we know. To make the transition a little smoother, we've asked a handful of engineers what advice they wish they had received prior to starting their careers.


Engineering Resume and Interview Tips (from the Experts)

Of the hundreds (or thousands!) of applications your potential employer will see, how do you make sure your resume is noticed? And if you're offered an interview, how do you make yourself the sure-thing candidate among a handful of equally qualified engineers? We interviewed several HR and hiring managers from different kinds of companies hiring engineers to get their expert opinion and advice.

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How to Pay Off Student Loan Debt Fast

In 2007, Congress legislated a five-year drop in the federal student loan rate from 6.8% to 3.4%, with renewal scheduled for 2012. While last minute legislative action extended the lower rates until July 1st of this year, Congress failed to take up renewal before leaving for vacation. With interest rates appearing to double overnight, Americans are scrambling for ways to pay down student loan debts as quickly as possible.


How Do Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Find Engineers?

LinkedIn is more than a social platform and resume host. Increasingly, recruiters use their network to track down promising engineers. We spoke with Greg Wahl, Janine N. Truitt, and Tom Armour about LinkedIn's use as a professional recruiting tool.


9 Questions to Ask on an Interview

It's easy to forget that asking good questions is every bit as important as having the right answers. In a job interview, asking focused, intelligent questions of your interviewer demonstrates initiative, thoroughness, and careful analysis of your options – qualities every engineer should have. To get you started, we'll consider nine solid questions to ask in an interview.