Construction Engineer Resumes

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Name Current Location Desired Location Auth? Updated
HHH Kingston, ON Anywhere in CA Yes 9/21/2014
saber Houston, TX Anywhere in US Yes 9/20/2014
LIZAIDA Fort Collins, CO Fort Collins, CO; Greeley, CO; Longmont, CO; Loveland, CO... Yes 9/20/2014
Joe Alfonso Newton, NJ Anywhere in New Jersey Yes 9/19/2014
chucho Melbourne, FL Anywhere in US Yes 9/16/2014
NETO   SAN DIEGO, CA Yes 9/16/2014
Frank   Norfolk, VA Yes 9/13/2014
Jeff Cincinnati, OH Anywhere in US Yes 9/13/2014
Sam San Francisco, CA Anywhere in California, Florida, New Jersey, Texas Yes 9/12/2014
Jim Grand Junction, CO Anywhere in US Yes 9/12/2014
thanos Athens, Greece, NY Anywhere in US No 9/12/2014
High Line and Substation Friday Harbor, WA Anywhere in Alberta, Alaska, British Columbia, Texas Yes 9/11/2014
dmaccall Hickory, NC Anywhere in US Yes 9/11/2014
Construction Engineer Mayaguez, PR Anywhere in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas Yes 9/10/2014
Jamey D Greenwood, SC Greenwood, SC Yes 9/10/2014
Gus Fort Lauderdale, FL Anywhere in US Yes 9/9/2014
Pedro Carolina, PR Anywhere in Florida Yes 9/9/2014
Bernie Altamonte Springs, FL Anywhere in Florida Yes 9/9/2014
engineer30   Salt Lake City, UT Yes 9/8/2014
Garrett Chattanooga, TN Anywhere in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North C... Yes 9/6/2014
Ronnie Westminster, MD Anywhere in Maryland Yes 9/5/2014
c.pinto.forti Miami, FL Knoxville, TN; Miami, FL; New Jersey, NJ; New York, NY; ... Yes 9/5/2014
dave Denver, CO Denver, CO; Phoenix, AZ Yes 9/5/2014
Jamie Pittsburgh, PA PIttsburgh, PA; Youngstown, OH Yes 9/5/2014
shaneo Morrow, GA Anywhere in North Dakota; morrow, GA Yes 9/5/2014