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Name Current Location Desired Location Auth? Updated
John P Mobile, AL Anywhere in US Yes 9/17/2014
techieraj Peoria, IL San Francisco, CA No 9/16/2014
tindisi   New-Delhi, IN No 9/16/2014
WayneInteractionDesign   Carson City, NV Yes 9/15/2014
DatawarehouseBI Austin, TX Austin, TX Yes 9/15/2014
Vihanga Burlington, MA Boston, MA; Burlington, MA; Nashua, NH Yes 9/15/2014
donr Charlotte, NC Charlotte, NC Yes 9/14/2014
rjstokes   Lyndhurst, OH Yes 9/13/2014
Vince Rockford, IL Los Angeles, CA Yes 9/12/2014
eyueld SIlver Spring, MD Anywhere in US Yes 9/12/2014
Chris Canton, MI Anywhere in Michigan Yes 9/12/2014
Russ Antioch, CA Anywhere in Arizona, California Yes 9/12/2014
David Asheville, NC Anywhere in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tenness... Yes 9/12/2014
The Red One   Richmond, VA Yes 9/12/2014
Kyle Berlin, NJ Anywhere in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania Yes 9/12/2014
fetigra Broomfield, CO Anywhere in US Yes 9/12/2014
Brandon McDonough, GA Atlanta, GA; Locust Grove, GA; Macon, GA; McDonough, GA; ... Yes 9/11/2014
D T   Oklahoma City, OK Yes 9/11/2014
Tim Waltham, MA Anywhere in US Yes 9/11/2014
Steve Burlington, VT Burlington, VT Yes 9/11/2014
Jerry C   Chicago, IL Yes 9/11/2014
gervyh   columbia, SC Yes 9/11/2014
tpeter07 La Mirada, CA La Mirada, CA; San Jose, CA; Santa Clara, CA Yes 9/11/2014
henry.chan San Diego, CA Del Mar, CA; La Jolla, CA; Poway, CA; San Diego, CA; Sol... Yes 9/10/2014
Kenny Dallastown, PA Baltimore, MD Yes 9/10/2014