UEFI ARM Engineer
Phoenix Technologies
Beaverton, OR
Design, develop, power on, debug and support silicon-related UEFI firmware for ARM and Windows on ARM (WOA) computers. Work closely with team members to develop support for UEFI on ARM products with a consistent feature set, look & feel and a similar development experience to traditional, non-ARM systems.

Beaverton, Oregon, USA.

Integrate silicon reference code into the Phoenix UEFI firmware code.
Power on new silicon products.
Debug hardware and firmware issues.
Support bug and security fixes through a product’s lifecycle.
Develop original code and solutions for customization and value-add features.
Work closely with internal engineers from silicon, core, QA and customer teams.
Work closely with the silicon vendor for problem analysis and resolution.

3+ years in a UEFI firmware development position.
BS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent, or 5+ years in firmware or software development.
Proficiency in C.
Strong debugging skills.
Must work well both with a team and independently.

Additional Desired Skills:
Working knowledge of motherboard technologies such as PCIe, USB, UART, SPI, I2C.
Working knowledge of ARM Cortex-A processors.
Experience with Windows operating system kernel and/or driver development.
Low-level hardware experience.
Ability to read and understand motherboard schematics.
Solid understanding of cryptographic technologies such as public-key cryptography.
Proficiency in Python.
Good English communication skills, both written and verbal.

About Phoenix Technologies

Phoenix Technologies has been at the forefront of the PC industry since 1979, and is an innovator in the development and distribution of firmware and performance optimization software. Phoenix helped launch the computing industry as the original independent BIOS provider and is a founding member of The UEFI Forum. Phoenix’s UEFI firmware experts are dedicated to building and securing trust at the firmware level. We continue to drive innovation in the Internet-of-Things (IOT) embedded technology market, and lead the industry in customized, time-sensitive engineering services. With over 1 billion units installed, and deeply rooted relationships with the leading OEMs, ODMs and technology resellers worldwide, Phoenix is recognized as a true pioneer, original innovator, and a leader in the firmware and performance optimization software industry.