Payments Engineer
Denver, CO
At Havenly, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful home that they love. Through our proprietary technology and our team of talented designers, we make designing and shopping for your home, fun, easy, and accessible for all.

We're growing our team and looking for an engineer to help us with payments. In this role, you'll need to think hard about database transactions, sharding, replication, performance, stability, and metrics, and what it takes to move fast and iterate in a world full of sensitive cardholder data. You'll be expected to write infrastructure code, command-line tools, move mountains of data, optimize code for site performance, and various other forms of heavy-lifting. We launch products and we maintain them, and take pride when other teams extend them in ways we hadn't initially conceived.

  • Define, architect, and implement the critical financial infrastructure that powers both the front and backend of the payment processing platform for Havenly.
  • Integrate new payment methods into our web and mobile applications.
  • Building out robust API's and third-party payment processing integrations
  • Build reporting and monitoring tools to ensure payments system uptime
  • Improve integration efficiency and data modeling with third-party vendors
  • Collaborate with Product, Operations, Growth, and Finance to design new product ideas
  • Solve challenging and complex engineering and business problems
  • Be part of an engineering organization that exists to efficiently deliver high-quality code to production that powers the business
  • BS/MS in Engineering, Computer Science, Math, Physics, or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience building large-scale, distributed systems.
  • 3+ years experience building and maintaining a modern frontend framework (ie React, Angular)
  • Experience working with backend APIs (REST, NodeJS, Express, GraphQL, etc)
  • Experience working and integrating with payment services (Stripe)
  • Familiarity with PCI compliance and security best practices
  • Familiarity with Docker and Linux based command-line utilities

It's challenging- You get the opportunity to work hard, learn a ton, and grow your skillset. This is not a 9-5 job, we have high expectations, and every day you'll be faced with new challenges where you have to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

It's fulfilling - We get the opportunity to affect one of the most personal aspects of someone's life, their home, every single day. We feel really lucky to be able to create spaces where people feel comfortable, make lifetime memories in, and call home.

It's fun - We truly love what we do. Growing a business is fun. Working with a team of incredibly talented people who also love what they do is fun. Getting to do what you love to do and make an impact is fun.