Commercial Manager
VINCI Construction LLC
Virginia Beach, VA
Company Overview:
VINCI Construction LLC is a subsidiary of VINCI Construction Grands Projects located in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

The scope of the company is general contracting and construction work, along with any associated services related to large selected Design and Build projects, either public or private for which it can bring clear and strong added value.

VINCI Construction LLC aim to develop engineering and construction services for large infrastructure projects in various parts in the United States and provide a highly skilled and competitive professional service in construction field.

The Joint Venture including VINCI (33%), Dragados USA (42%), Flatiron Constructors (25%) has been awarded with a $3.3 design-build contract for the I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Expansion Project (HRBT) in Virginia, which is the largest construction contract awarded in the history of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

Purpose : Commercial Manager is responsible for preparing a response for a call for tenders, developing, the project and its financing and, the signature obtained, being able to follow the site and its smooth running until the acceptance of work. Responsible for all the contractual aspects of the project.

Principle Accountability and Responsibility:
1. Commercial development:
Being proactive in identifying tenders and or create/foster demand for projects
Develop commercial relations with public and private clients by responding to calls for tenders
Analyze customer needs, technical data, economic and define the project
Study the feasibility and cost of the project and propose technical and financial solutions
Select the means and methods to implement and plan the site operations
Study the design and implementation of the project and calculate the constraints of the structure in collaboration with works engineer
Analyze the technical choices and define the equipment, the materials according to the constraints of the regulation, the ground, the cost
Supervise and control the execution of studies, documents and detailed plans entrusted to the consulting firms

2. Purchasing:
Draws up the standard contracts for subcontractors and suppliers and ensures that the other divisions and departments have reviewed them before signing
Implementing and maintains an updated system of certification of payments to subcontractors, for preparation of subcontracting and supply contracts and for closing subcontracting contracts
Draws up the subcontractors requests for approval

3. General Coordination:
Ensures that each Manager is provided with a copy of the contractual documents concerning him (employer, subcontractors and suppliers)
Participates in internal works meetings, Project Management Review and conduct project meetings and set milestones and formulate monthly owner report
Establishing job processes (RFI s, submittals, and pay applications) including approving pay applications and negotiating subcontract change orders
Creating and managing project budget for all assigned projects
Developing pre-construction RFP package
Performing project scheduling; ensuring project quality control and establishing overall project logistics
Managing the closeout process
Ensuring fair treatment of subcontractors at all times

4. Employer/Site:
Manages contractual relations and write contractual correspondence
In charge of the preparation of the invoices for payment
Manages the addenda and amendments requested by the Employer and optimize their deadlines and costs
Maintains an up-to-date report and follow-up on the Employer's written complaints – also applied for the subcontractors – and prepares the litigation files, if necessary
Maintains the regular up-to-date statement of contractual documents
Takes part in meetings with the Employer
Checks and files any correspondence from or towards the Employer

5. Contractor progress payment schedule:
Prepare the Contractor progress payment schedule (according to project milestones or specified dates)

Education and Experience:
Strong education background in Construction or Mechanical
Ample experience in different kind of contracts
Minimum of 15 years experience in a similar position preferably within the construction industry

Strongly Encouraged:
Previous experience in the US is a plus
Great accounting skills

Key Skills and Knowledge:
Exemplary communication and negotiation skills and proficiency in using computers and the latest software
Fluent in English with professional proficiency
Strong sense of responsibility and ethics

Strongly Encouraged:
Must be a self-starter and an opportunity maker
In-depth knowledge of the local market