Junior Software Engineer

About $48,000 - $68,000 a year

Job Description:

We are searching for a graduate person (up to 1 yr after graduation) who aims at becoming a professional in IT application domain.

We do not specify the role upfront intentionally. After proper onboarding you will spend some 2+ years contributing to processes of software creation and maintenance. In various roles.


We expect a degree in IT application domain, however, if you are self-taught and competent in software development and tools used, a relevant degree is less of an asset.


Per project and role, typically, deliver agreed scope of work - new development and maintenance - on time within specified quality criteria.

Manage own tasks efficiently, provide effort estimates, identify risks, remove issues.

Communicate efficiently with all project members and stakeholders, participate actively in project meetings.

Be alive in developers' community, with respect to knowledge sharing. Maintain and grow professional network.

Be innovative, search for optimization of the working procedures and improvement of workproducts.

Continuously gain knowledge and improve own capabilities.


A keen interest in the software domain, being it business analysis, development or testing.

Practical experience with any of software development tools, frameworks, programming languages, SQL

A reasonable level of concentration and resilience to stay focused on a project to the end and meet client deadlines.

An interest in problem solving.

An open, flexible and adaptable mindset to cope with a rapidly changing set of tasks.

Excitement about collaborating and communicating closely with teams and other stakeholders, still possess a reasonable level of self-organization and independence in ownership and judgement.

Willingness to help teammates, share knowledge and experience with them, and learn from them.

Openness to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.

Practical experience using software tools for office work and for product/technology-specific work.

Fluent in Slovak, advanced in English.