Sr Cyber Security Engineer
Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations
New Orleans, LA
Looking for the best of both worlds? We offer a challenging and rewarding environment where you can use your considerable technical information security skills to work on a variety of projects. We also offer a 40-hour work week with flexible scheduling and great benefits in New Orleans-one of the best and most culturally diverse cities in the United States.

As a Senior Cyber Security Engineer, you will help to design and implement the security defenses that protect the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR)?a United States strategic national asset. Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations (FFPO) is responsible for all aspects of cyber security at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve including:
Industrial Control Systems(ICS) security?we are responsible for securing and monitoring the control systems that operate the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Physical Security Systems?the SPR maintains a robust physical security presence at all locations. FFPO designs, installs, and continuously monitors associated IT assets.
Business Systems?SPR business information systems including on-premises, private and public cloud offerings.
As a valued part of the FFPO cyber security team you will be involved in:
IT Designs and Risk Analyses
As part of a robust configuration management environment all new IT implementations must include a design and associated risk analysis. You will work with others to ensure that new implementations contain risk mitigation measures in accordance with asset criticality.
Ongoing architectural design and implementation
The SPR cyber security stance is ever-evolving to address the evolving threat and IT environment. You will be provided with the opportunity to significantly contribute to new information security implementations including cloud and mobility security requirements.
Continuous monitoring and Incident Response
FFPO maintains a robust and comprehensive continuous monitoring stance that has an excellent track record of early detection, response and mitigation.
Red Team exercises
FFPO cyber personnel are provided with red team training and the opportunity to participate in red team exercises. FFPO cyber security personnel regularly place in the top 10 at major SANS Netwars events.
We offer competitive salaries and benefits. All SPR personnel receive annual training that may include: SANS training with certification, ISC2 training, OSCP training, and more.

Job Opening and Closing Dates
9/05/2019 - 10/31/2019


HS Diploma and 3 years of full-time experience in the field of information security that may include management and administration of firewalls, IDS, IPS, proxies, Microsoft Windows Server operating systemsLinux/Unix operating systems, SIEMs, vulnerability and configuration management systems, compliance systems.
A highly-technical skillset that includes at minimum a working understanding of:
? IPv4 including subnetting, CIDR notation, basic routing concepts, DNS, DHCP; the OSI model; private address spaces, well-know parts; how computers communicate with one another using TCP/IP
? Basic firewall concepts including application firewall rules, allow/deny rules
? Basic proxy concepts?the difference between forward and reverse proxies and where and when they might be used.

Candidates with the following qualifications are preferred:
? 4-year degree from an accredited college.
? Computer Science degree
? Information Security certification(s) including SANS, ISC2, others