Digital Signals Processing Engineer (Startup Co-founder)
Montréal, QC
We are looking for a Digital Signals Processing Engineer with research experience in digital signals processing with strong low-level coding skills. This role will immediately progress to become a co-founder and manager of one of our portfolio companies, where they are given significant (10 - 20%) equity ownership and are separately paid an annual salary.

This managerial role is the leader of all Research and Development at a newly funded startup company. Tasks include building the raw laboratory-stage technology we obtain from a University into a fully-realized product or prototype.

After a few weeks of onboarding training, our candidates progress to become Engineering Managers. In conjunction with the interests and skills of our candidates, TandemLaunch identifies novel university inventions to bring to market. A start-up is then formed and funded in stages totaling $600K over a 12-18 month incubation period during which time the candidate leads the new start-up with the goal of graduating the incubator and raising their first Series Seed venture capital investment after which they are spun-off, graduating as an independent company.

Also known as Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, they are the heart of our start-up studio, the Co-Founders and leaders of our portfolio companies, and the innovative drive behind our success.

Technical creativity, ingenuity, a high tolerance for ambiguity, and strong project planning/management skills are all core skills to this role. You will work with the TandemLaunch in-house Mentoring Team, your co-founder as well as the first employees of your startup that you will help hire.

About TandemLaunch

TandemLaunch is a unique Canadian start-up studio. We create cutting-edge technology companies based on research taken straight from major university labs. We focus on commercializing innovations in consumer electronics, hardware-enabled technologies, machine learning, and embedded systems, and operate all portfolio companies on-site in our Montréal, Canada workspace.

While we nucleate start-up companies around technologies that cover a breadth of disciplines, some of our areas of interest include, but are not limited to: machine learning, optical physics, embedded systems, computer vision, nanoscale materials, neuroengineering, wireless communications, aerospace/UAVs, biometrics, energy harvesting, small-scale robotics, AR/VR hardware, and digital signal processing.


  • PhD in electrical engineering or computer engineering (particular interest in RF engineering, image sensors, CCDs, circuit design, embedded systems design (FPGA/ASIC), and signals processing (C/C++); MS candidates with project/work experience are also encouraged to apply
  • Mechanical engineering backgrounds with relevant skills will also be considered
  • Expertise in the state-of-the-art of electrical and computer engineering technologies
  • Computational skills
  • A hacker personality and the ability to make new things
We receive our candidates in cohorts at certain intervals, so applications are possible all around the year!

Location: Montreal, Canada

Job Type: Full-Time

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