Automation Engineer
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South Carolina

About $74,000 - $93,000 a year

1. Develop test plans for vision machinery and other equipment, applying knowledge of engineering technology.
2. Design, build and implement vision inspection machines.
3. Program and troubleshoot new and existing products on existing vision systems.
4. Design quality, engineered solutions that meet customer’s needs, meet or beat budget constraints, and allow for efficient manufacture.
5. Hands-on building of machinery and components utilizing equipment such as lathe, mill, etc.
6. Utilize project management skills and CAD to minimize overall engineering cost and maximize ability to simultaneously execute multiple projects.
7. Maintain awareness and control of project cost, quality, scope, and schedule to ensure on time delivery of the project within budget
8. Support Management. Make Department Manager aware of all current or potential problems. Report to management all findings on jobs that would affect costs, schedules, employees or customers.
9. Support QSR QMS by reviewing project scope, budget, design schedule and design plan on a regular basis
10. Participate in design reviews as required and requested by Project Manager
11. Develop and maintain relationships with outside suppliers
12. Assist in assuring that customer commitments are met
13. Where required, conduct research and development activities concerned with integration and testing of electronic and mechanical components, products and systems and in development of applications.
14. Apply mechanical theory, mechanical testing procedures and related knowledge to layout, build, test, troubleshoot, repair and modify developmental and production equipment.
15. Supervise installation crews and assist in the installation of jobs for field installations. .
16. Modify existing software to correct errors, allow it to adapt to new hardware, or to improve its performance

Knowledge & Skills
5+ Yrs Experience REQUIRED
Vision Systems Expertise