CHGO Assistant Engineer
Building Service of America
Chicago, IL

About $41,000 - $58,000 a year

The Building Engineer is responsible for the physical operation and maintenance of the property including, all mechanical equipment, devises used for heating and air conditioning, knowledge of minor plumbing; electrical and utilizing the services of a contractor where needed, after consulting with the Property Manager. The engineer reports to the manager. The engineer will comply with established policies and procedures in maintaining the physical property at its maximum operating efficiency.

General Responsibilities

Operating and Scheduling for maintaining HVAC systems, auxiliaries and other equipment in the building; replacement of filters; continually checking all mechanical devices and controls to ensure continuous heat, hot water, and air condition (in season), make certain all equipment is operating safely and efficiently. Inspecting buildings, amenities, grounds, and common areas to make certain preventative maintenance is being performed; that the building is clean; and that the grounds are properly maintained. Operate maintenance areas including a workshop and storage area for equipment. Follow established emergency procedures to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and property. Report any and all defects or deficiencies to the manager.

Essential Duties

Meet with manager to discuss and prioritize tasks.
Inspect landscaping.
Inspect high visibility common areas with emphasis on elevators, lobby, laundry room, and pool (in season).
Inspect boiler room, HVAC systems, and compactor room to check the operation of the equipment listed and the cleanliness of the area.
Inspect mechanical rooms, listen for unusual sounds from motors and undertake any necessary repairs minor or major after discussion with the manager.
Complete assigned tasks, i.e. work order for common areas and service request with individual units (if any).
Meet with maintenance staff for review and inspection of tasks.
Inspect and adjust temperature controls and gauges as necessary.
Inspect security and fire alarm panels.

Skills and Competencies

Trade skills in HVAC
Ability to interpret and understand maintenance manuals

Work Experience

Experience as a building manager
Good verbal and written communication skills