Manufacturing Engineer 1
Cleveland, OH

About $63,000 - $85,000 a year

Position Summary:
Ability to perform product related development in a team environment according to Affymetrix product development process. Makes/records detailed observations, analyzes data and interprets results, which must be clear and concise. Investigate, create and develop new methods and processes which could be utilized for production improvement. Maintains the highest level of professional expertise through all available resources. May be asked to participate in product development projects.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsible for manufacturing and testing of various reagent and Enzyme products

Maintains reagents and chemical inventories to ensure adequate supply to meet production needs.

Engage in laboratory and or supportive activities commonly associated with manufacturing, particularly in the areas of; biology, molecular biology, microbiology, fermentation, enzyme formulation.

Excellent “hands” in executing laboratory methods.

Experience with protein purification, especially FPLC

engage in laboratory and or supportive activities commonly associated with manufacturing, particularly in the areas of; molecular biology, microbiology, fermentation, protein purification and enzyme formulation.

knowledgeable in use of common laboratory equipment.This may include but is not limited to:pH meter, spectrophotometer, centrifuges, thermocycler, and pipets, peristaltic pumps, and autoclave.

familiar with computers and common software, use email, word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Responsible for data analysis for new product validations, manufacturing scale-up and troubleshooting

Supports the production of new products and to ensure that those new products are of high quality

Performs and documents all chemical reactions, purifications and data characterization utilized to prepare intermediates or new products

Ensures a quality and safe operation

Performs and documents method developments

Performs equipment evaluation to improve laboratory performance

Works cross-functionally to efficiently release product, resolve problems and support sales

Assists in process method trouble shooting and coordinate experiments with Production

Investigates new synthetic routes for new products or process improvements

Participates in process and operation improvement opportunities

Responds to internal and externalinquiries

Complies with company quality management systems, policies and procedures

Provides mentorship, if applicable

Additional duties/responsibilities according to business needs

Level of Autonomy and Complexity:
use of basic algebra, chemistry and molecular biology principles, theories, concepts to resolve typical issues

Complies with standard practices and procedures .

Impact restricted to processes related to assigned tasks; error or failure to achieve objectives have no significant impact on organization

Receives precise directions on tasks; work is intently supervised