Maintenance Technician-2nd and 3rd shift
ArtiFlex Manufacturing
Clyde, OH
Maintenance Technician

2nd and 3rd shift positions available

General Description:
Technician personnel maintain, repair and troubleshoot presses, cranes, scrap conveyors and perform electrical and mechanical repairs for Pressroom & Assembly departments. Technicians report to the 3rd shift Maintenance Supervisor.

Support and follow the Company Safety Programs.
Support and follow quality & environmental programs.
Repairing gears and mechanical devices.
Wiring presses, cranes, scrap conveyors, etc.
Maintaining and repairing auxiliary press devices and assembly equipment.
Designing and programming machine controllers.
Troubleshooting electrical and mechanical devices.
Welding and fabricating various components.
Operating a forklift.
Operating mills and lathes.
Performing daily preventive maintenance.
Perform all other work as deemed necessary by supervision

Preferred Qualifications:
High School diploma or GED with 2 years of experience in pneumatics, hydraulics, welding, reading schematics and wiring diagrams and knowledge of electrical codes.
MAP Score ³ 50; Electrical Test = -2 or less
Ability to lift 85 pounds.
Ability to perform repetitive motions with hands, arms and body.
Ability to work at heights of 20+ feet.
Forklift operator’s license.
Ability to weld and braise.

Equipment Used:
Electrical test equipment, mig, stick, tig, and resistance welders, torches, plasma cutter, hand and power tools, measuring devices, programmers, weld test equipment, high lift, forklift and cart, protective gloves, armguards, earplugs and safety glasses.
Job Location: Performed in the plant.