Mechanical Engineer (Valve)
Union Tank Car Company - UTLX
Alexandria, LA
Alexandria, LA 71303
Full Time; Salary Exempt;
Mechanical Engineer will work on all product stages from research and development to design and manufacture, through to installation and final commissioning. The goal is to design and fabricate mechanical components of innovation and excellence. The key skills are - problem-solving, attention to detail, organizational, and communications skills; manual dexterity and familiarity with quality testing tools and procedures.

UTLX offers a competitive benefits package which includes:
Medical, dental, vision and prescription coverage
Paid time off and holidays
Competitive retirement plans
Short-term and long-term disability programs
Life insurance
Tuition reimbursement
Employee discounts

This position is going to be working in the Product Engineering and Quality Departments.
This position is responsible for the design and construction/purchase of manufacturing processes, equipment, tooling, jigs and featuring and operating, maintaining and upgrading the facilities for the division's Manufacturing facilities in Alexandria, LA. It responsible for assistance to Production personnel in-use and requalification of UTC made fixtures, as well as assistance and guidance in the fabrication of unusual parts. Along with the Manufacturing Engineering responsibilities, this position has the Plant Engineering responsibilities of assisting Plant maintenance in expanding, evaluating, procuring, installing, maintaining, upgrading and/or replacing the Plant product equipment, including associated training and cost control to enable manufacturing to produce tank cars, efficiently, economically, and safely.

Design, select, and implement manufacturing processes, tooling, fixtures, machinery, utilities, facilities and procedures required to manufacture tank cars of the highest possible quality at the lowest cost
Work with existing manufacturing methods and procedures and seek to improve processes and equipment to reduce cost, improve quality and provide superior efficiency
Work and coordinate with all manufacturing and concerned service department to prevent or minimize production interruptions
Identify, formulate and produce effective solutions to emerging problems
Alter and modify the design to meet requirements and to eliminate malfunctions
Evaluate the final product’s overall performance, reliability, and safety
Prepare product reports and documentation
Work well with others to establish a productive work environment that encourages a team approach for continues improvement to achieve the company's vision
Participate in and actively support Quality Projects and activities and responsible care initiatives to ensure the company achieves its goals
Engage in lifelong learning and develop new theories or methods

Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering
Proven working experience in Mechanical Engineering capacity
Working experience with product lifecycle management (PLM), finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
Hands-on experience with computer-aided engineering (CAM) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAE)
Familiarity with 2D or 3D engineering design and manufacturing tools (e.g., AutoCAD, ProE or other)
Adequate knowledge of engineering analysis tools (ANSYS, ProMechanica or similar)
Mathematical computing and analysis tools knowledge (Matlab, Excel, LabView etc)
Solid understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science etc.
Ability to communicate technical knowledge in a clear and understandable manner
Technical writing skills