Quality Assurance Analyst
The DAKO Group
Dearborn, MI
  • Submit/assist with part return requests for sensors and modules
  • Lead/support meetings with suppliers for part return analysis
  • Manage etracker to document part returns
  • Identify improvements to bench analysis capability at suppliers
  • Generate monthly reports from etracker and AWS (Analytical Warranty System)
  • Identify emerging issues to core component D&R (Design & Release) engineers
  • Lead/support efforts to reduce TNI (Trouble Not Indicated) part replacements
  • Submit/author ISMs (Inclination Sensor Mode), SSMs (Special Service Messages), TSBs (Technical Service Bulletin) or RAP (Remote Antitheft Personality) cases
  • Understand/improve diagnostic documentation in PCED (Powertrain Control Emissions Diagnosis) and workshop manual
  • Analyze AWS warranty information, OWS (One Warranty Solution) session data and CQIS (Common Quality Indicator System) reports as needed
  • Manage FAV (Ford Advance Vehicle) dealer call back as needed

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $25.00 to $29.00 /hour