Process Engineer
Dickinson, ND

$16 - $30 an hour

The purpose of these positions is to provide guidance and support to production in the area of Manufacturing Engineering and Quality Engineering and to provide a work environment where coworkers have the tools, training and leadership to build a quality product. The Engineering goal is to improve profits & cash flow, and they will have the responsibility to strive to eliminate waste, provide a stable workflow while meeting program schedules and improving processes, and monitor and ensure that a quality product is produced through teamwork. To do this, Engineering is responsible for the overall performance of all program production delegated to their oversight.


Familiarize with, interpret, and understand customer specifications and data.
Familiarize with, interpret, and understand customer piece part drawings.
Prepare and update written instructions.
Create/approve/update BOM, Shop Aids, Route Sheets, Build Processes, Assembly Instruction and Code.
Effectively communicate with Customer and KMM personnel.
Conducting process development experiments.
Write Query Notes/Squawk, Change Orders, Product Analysis Report (PAR), Drawing Change Incorporation Record (DCIR), Drawing Change Evaluation (DCE).
Ensuring the process works at the optimum level, to the right rate and quality of output, in order to meet supply needs.
Making observations and taking measurements directly, as well as collecting and interpreting data.
Compiling quality data to identify process indicators and performing root cause corrective action evaluations to alleviate recurring non-conformances.
Assessing the availability of raw materials.
Managing the time constraints of projects.
Working closely with co-workers, including inspectors responsible for quality control and operators manufacturing product.
Aiding the Program Manager in bidding processes.
This individual has the responsibility and authority to carry out assigned tasks.
Documented Audits of KMM build processes for their relevance, and assessing the adequacy of engineering data.
Reviewing existing data to see if more research and information needs to be collected.
Have the ability to flattening and enhancing drawings with use of CATIA/Adobe Acrobat.
Make observations on and work closely with all departments to institute Lean concepts throughout the facility.
Creation of First Articles per AS9102 and KMM QI 42.0.
Assist with Notice of Escape process.
Assist with facilitation of Customer and 3rd Party assessments/audits.
Assist with management and updating of BCA and BDS Engineering instructions and forms.
Assist with management and updating of BCA and BDS Quality instructions and forms.
Assist manufacturing and quality personnel with facilitation of QIP and BPSM activities.
Facilitate internal and external corrective actions.
Corrective action set up, notification, facilitation, consultant.
Effectively operate in Sunday Business Systems Quality database.
Assist with Change of Charge process.
Assist with Contract Review process.
Assist with Management Review process.
Assist in updating procedures based off internal and external audit findings.
Train/mentor KMM personnel (manufacturing, quality and engineering).
Problem solve daily issues dealing with product specifications and conformity.
Wear appropriate personal protective equipment as required by job task.
Adhere to all KMM safety policies and practices as well as manufacturer recommendations on operation of all equipment and tools.
Performs other related duties and assignments as required.


2 years Technical education or equivalent work experience with a demonstrated work ability to perform the required tasks.
Excellent oral and written communication skills are required for process writing, customer communication and communication within the company through the course of the required work.
This position requires the ability to multi-task; work with frequent interruptions to assist the production requirements where necessary to ensure uninterrupted product flow.
Must have good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with all levels of learning and different personality types of employees as well as assist the trainers in identifying areas of improvement in working toward an environment of process improvements.
This position requires the ability to learn and interpret customer specifications and write clear and understandable processes per those specifications. To perform this function effectively, he or she must be willing to work directly with operators to gain the understanding of operation challenges as well as to explain various build process procedures in a clear and understandable manner.
Engineering’s must be proficient in computer skills including Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, and Dynamics.
Requirements may be modified at the time of the opening, and will be based on current labor availability and staffing needs. In these instances, the employee must be able to meet all requirements within 180 days of accepting the position.
The ability to role model KMM core values, integrity, and accountability while representing KMM.
The ability to perform critical evaluation of information in a fair and unbiased manner to make business decisions and recommendations.
The ability to understand and apply information from other departments within KMM in order to contribute to the overall well-being of KMM


Requires the daily use of a computer and computer related software. Must be able to accurately and proficiently enter and retrieve data as needed for the job tasks.
Standard office equipment such as copiers, calculators etc., will be used.
Ability to use various hand tools and measurement devices are required for building wire bundles.


This position requires the ability to move freely throughout the production floor to engage with operators and assist with any issues relating to the processes and production boards.
Have the ability to bend, reach and lift to assist production operations as needed throughout the process.
Have the ability to read .37M on the Graham Field Chart to be able to read labels and various part designators throughout the process while writing processes and assisting operators.
Have the ability to read and interpret customer drawings, specifications and part lists.
Have the ability to use a computer and computer related software.
Sitting and standing for extended periods are required depending on the production needs on any given day.
The ability to read, write, and count accurately to complete documentation