Quality Assurance Engineer
Kennedy Space Center, FL
Job Responsibilities:
Quality Assurance Engineer supporting to the SA-F2 Procurement Quality Assurance Team in the Exploration Ground System (EGS) Program. The SMA SA-F2 Chief or designated representative will coordinate and assign tasks based on real time needs as required with the Program Management Office or employee in a timely and mutually agreed upon manner. Specific tasks may include but are not limited to:

Performs insight/oversight of NASA led procurements and EGS contractor procurements. This effort will primarily be focused on procurement of critical Ground System Equipment (GSE), but may also include flight hardware. Will work with a variety of systems such as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and others.

Performs assessments/audits of contractor’s Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure products/services are produced per design documentation and engineering requirements.

Supports development of Statements of Work for NASA led contracts.

Works with Contract Officers, Contractor Officer Representatives, and engineering Subject Matter Experts to identify applicable contract deliverables and acquisition requirements.

Supports development of government insight/oversight plan for individual contracts. Identifies Government Mandatory Inspection Points and works with contractor to assure implementation and completion of GMIPs.

Works with Contract Officers, Contractor Officer Representatives, engineering Subject Matter Experts, and contractors/vendors to resolve technical issues, address nonconformances, and other quality concerns.

Manages/tracks procurement status, Requests for Information, nonconformances, waivers, elevated risks, and any associated reports.

Reviews government and contractor data and performs data analysis.

Identifies quality/safety issues, concerns, and potential risks that require mitigation.

Represents NASA Quality while interfacing with key NASA and contractor procurement stakeholders.

Performs inspections, surveillance and requirement compliance while overseeing fabrication, assembly, and test and checkout of GSE and aerospace flight hardware.

Performs acceptance of GSE/hardware, receiving inspections, and review of Acceptance Data Packs (not including signing of DD250 documents).

Performs Government Mandatory Inspection Points and tracks associated nonconformances.

Desired Skills/Attributes:
Strong quality background with work experience in procurement/acquisition of critical/complex Ground Support Equipment and flight hardware that may be larger structures, system-level components, or smaller assemblies. Experience with a variety of systems (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.).

Ability to review quality/engineering requirements and specifications, contracts, statements of work, and higher-level documents and translates those requirements into an effective insight/oversight quality plan and assure subsequent implementation.

QMS auditing experience.

Experience monitoring/evaluating contractor processing activities.

Experience with procurement of larger structures and systems is a plus.

Clear, accurate, and concise communication and writing skills. Ability to clearly and concisely present plans, technical issues, and project status.

Ability to read/interpret drawings.

Proficiency with personal computers, specifically with using Microsoft Word and Excel.

Experience (current or previous certifications) with welding inspection and/or protective coating (NACE) inspections is a plus.

Experience with electrical harness fabrication, electrical-mechanical systems, and precision cleaning processing/specifications is a plus.

Work Location:
Kennedy Space Center, FL

Interested candidates should submit a professional resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.