Developer Tools Engineer
Epic Games
Cary, NC

About $80,000 - $110,000 a year

Epic Games is searching for an experienced engine programmer to join our Developer Tools team. In this role, you’ll develop low-level tools and systems that all UE4 users use to build and ship their games, and pipelines that Epic uses internally to ship the Unreal Engine and games like Fortnite. The ideal candidate will have a love of practical problem solving and an affinity for improving the day-to-day workflow of other developers.

Developing custom tools and pipelines for other engineers and content creators

Optimizing iteration times, and improving existing systems for performance, memory usage, and user experience

Welcoming new challenges and working independently or across disciplines to both investigate issues and identify solutions

Experience with C/C++ and C#

Familiar with build processes, compiler toolchains and content pipelines for large games

Comfortable writing multithreaded code and reasoning about dependency graphs

Experience with development on consoles and/or mobile devices

Experience with Perforce and/or Git

Demonstrated ability to reason about large, interacting systems from the macro level to the micro level

Knowledge of UE4 pipelines and framework a plus

This is going to be Epic!