Construction Insp Sr A06
Versar, Inc.
Anderson, AK

$88,000 - $110,000 a year

Sr. Construction Inspector

Versar, Inc. is a global project management company based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, with 21 locations around the world. Since 1969, Versar has provided technical and management support to federal, state, and local government clients as well as to industries worldwide, delivering construction management, environmental sciences and engineering infrastructure solutions. Versar offers tailored and secure solutions in harsh environments providing clients with comprehensive engineering and construction management, environmental and professional services.

The Construction Inspector position at Clear Air Station or Ft. Greely, Alaska functions as construction oversight for the US Army Corps of Engineers Resident Engineer (RE) in Anchorage, Alaska. Position will monitor, from a Quality Assurance perspective, construction of various projects such as facilities supporting the Long Range Discriminator Radar System (power plant, mission control center, maintenance facilities, and support facilities) in Clear Air Station or Ft. Greely, AK. The Construction Inspector will fill the role of Quality Assurance Representative (QAR). QARs shall be at a minimum responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Written QA report to document all activities observed for each on-site day in sufficient detail to support three-phase inspection system; review and analysis of construction contractor progress, testing, performance; and safety
  • Assist in the review and provide comments to the Government upon construction contractors’ or service providers’ quality control plans, safety plans, schedule of prices, progress schedules, network diagrams (CPM’s), environmental protection plans, asbestos plans, submittal registers, and any other type of submittal common to the construction industry.
  • Attend and participate in (in an advisory capacity) meetings such as pre-construction and pre-performance conferences, quality control coordination meetings, progress meetings, or other conferences and meetings held between the Government’s representatives and construction contractors or service providers. Act as recorder and prepare minutes of such meetings to be made final within two working days.
  • Be familiar with Corps of Engineer manuals ER1180-1-6 Construction Quality Management and be able to oversee Quality Assurance through the implementation of three phase control; preparatory phase, initial phase and follow up phase
  • At the request of the field offices, prepare input to and recommendations for the Government for written responses to construction contractor or service provider Requests for Information (RFI’s).
  • Monitor, evaluate and make recommendations to the Government concerning deficiency clearance activities performed by construction contractors and service providers
  • Oversee safety in compliance with EM 385-1-1
  • Monitor material testing
  • Review of design, comment logging and back-checking; and progress payments; and
  • Other related items
  • Focused inspections on mechanical systems such as motors, piping, HVAC, ducting, pumps, and interconnectivity with electrical systems
The primary responsibility is to furnish the RE or his designated Government representative(s) with documentation indicating whether the construction inspected conforms to the contract requirements.

Job Requirements:
  • High school diploma and 5 years of relevant experience in commercial/industrial building construction
  • US citizenship required
  • Experience with computers, especially Microsoft Office suite of programs
  • Knowledge of building and construction crafts
  • Knowledge of USACE three phase control process
  • Good written communication (English) and organizational skills
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to pass a background check and obtain base access
  • Ability to live in a man camp and work at a remote site in the interior of Alaska (single room with bathroom, cafeteria/dining facility, gym, recreation area)
  • Ability to work effectively in a small team environment currently with 5 other QA personnel with the potential to grow to 12.
Preferred Skills:
  • Previous experience with military construction projects, and with Army Corps of Engineers project management.
  • USACE Construction Quality Management (CQM) Certificate
  • OSHA 10-Hr Safety Course
  • Experience with Arctic Engineering and Construction principles
  • Prior hardship location deployment experience