Civil Design Engineer - Jr Level
Honolulu, HI

About $56,000 - $72,000 a year

Civil Design Engineer (E-I to E-II)

Under the direct supervision of the Engineering Team Leader (ETL), the Civil Engineer I position provides entry level application of engineering fundamentals to practical application. Performs assignments designed to develop professional work knowledge and abilities, requiring application of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria in carrying out a sequence of related engineering/planning tasks. Desired competencies include: willingness to learn and ability to receive direction and instruction. The successful candidate adheres to company policy and learns to work well with others within a fast paced entrepreneurial environment. Prior relevant experience in engineering and construction is a plus.

1. As directed by the ETL, researches information required for the task/project and performs entry level design tasks according to plans, estimates and specifications. Works on portion(s) of a project under the supervision of another Engineer.

2. With assistance from the ETL, makes calculations using engineering formulas for each task assigned.

3. Uses CAD application (name of software) to assist in the design phase of the task. May prepare drawings of designs he/she has originated from the ETL and incumbent is expected to become proficient in the use of the CAD software program.

4. Maintain project files and other related project data as directed.

5. Is encouraged to solve entry level engineering problems using judgment and education but is expected to ask for assistance when needed.

6. As instructed, provide assistance to other members of the team.

7. Work effectively with clients, co-workers, and others by sharing ideas in a constructive and positive manner; listening to and objectively considering ideas and suggestions from others; keeping commitments; keeping others informed of work progress and issues to find mutually acceptable and practical solutions; and respecting the diversity of the SSFM workforce in actions, words and deeds.

8. Maintain commitment to standards of safety and comply with all safety laws and SSFM safety policies/rules.