Maintenance Superintendent - Essentia
The Lauridsen Group
Lytton, IA

About $45,000 - $59,000 a year

Job Description:
Education: High School Diploma or GED required. 2 or 4-year degree preferred.

Experience: 5 + years in a manufacturing environment with knowledge of pneumatics, electrical, PLC’s, mechanical equipment, sanitary pumps and valves, refrigeration, water systems and boilers.

Equipment and Machinery Duties:
Collaborates and develops a plan with the production team for the addition or replacement of current equipment/machinery, ensuring minimal disruption to the production process.
Assigns projects to appropriate maintenance team members ensuring the dependable operation of plant equipment/machinery.
Establishes relationships with contractors, vendors, and suppliers. Ensures work to be conducted has been vetted to be the most cost effective and efficient manner. Determines when repairs/malfunctions occur beyond the scope of internal capabilities, determines most appropriate source and works in conjunction with maintenance supervisor to schedule services.
Maintains continual communications with the Production Supervisor, the maintenance department, plant management, and/or engineering team as projects progress or as production concerns arise.
Interprets mechanical specifications and operational methods of equipment/machinery, training plant team member on the proper use, maintenance, and repair of plant equipment.
Directs, assists, and troubleshoots repairs and breakdowns in a timely and efficient manner.
Ensures the development, implementation, maintaining and recording of a preventive maintenance program for plant machinery and equipment, the physical plant, utilities and grounds are accomplished to assure the safe and efficient operation in accordance with state, federal, local regulations and company procedures.
Assists the Plant Manager in the development of the plant budget, forecasting team member needs, equipment/machinery repairs or purchases, and facility improvements/additions.
Communicates the progress of new mechanical processes used in production to the Corporate Engineer and recommends modifications to improve production efficiency or cost reduction procedures.
Ensures fundamental food safety and quality practices are maintained to achieve food safety and quality objectives and to support the development, implementation and maintenance and ongoing improvements of food safety programs.
Assists in verifying requirements for OSHA and USDA standards. Makes sure that standards are maintained, necessary logs are up-to-date, and reports are prepared.

Other Duties:
Acts as Safety Coordinator for the plant.
Reviews and approves standard operating procedures for the maintenance team.
Partners with all other plant leaders to ensure that all OSHA and plant safety policies and procedures are being followed.
Models safe work practices at all times.
Models Essentia’s Core Values and holds other accountable to them as well
Facilitates the maintenance training program for the maintenance team and provides developmental opportunities to as work/time permits.
Provides input in the hiring of maintenance team members
Leads continuous improvement of maintenance methods and processes.
Directs preventive and repair work orders through CMMS
Prepares weekly work order schedules and reports/updates on current projects to the Maintenance Manager.
Generates and prioritizes work orders for maximum plant operating efficiencies.
Operates forklifts and non-motorized pallet jacks as required.
Assumes responsibilities of Production Supervisors(s) in their absence
In the absence of the Maintenance Superintendent, the Plant Manager, Maintenance Supervisor or a Plant Supervisor will cover the duties of the role.

Ability to develop and lead a high performing team.
Ability to influence others when there is no direct reporting relationship
Ability to troubleshoot malfunctions in equipment/machinery and perform repairs.
Specific knowledge of industrial production processes in an edible or non-edible food processing plant.
Ability to operate and train team member on equipment and machinery used in the processing of product.
Ability to change bags in the baghouse.
Ability to maintain high level of confidentiality related to all duties and responsibilities
Ability to monitor the production processes, anticipate production concerns and make effective decisions while striving for continuity of the production process.
Knowledge and ability to analyze, forecast, and plan production objectives.
Ability to remain calm and professional at all times.
Ability to maintain good employee work ethic and provide a positive attitude among employees.
Ability to perform basic and complex mathematical calculations.
Ability to work daily, overtime and weekends as necessary.
Ability to assist in other work-related areas as requested.
Ability to work in a team environment and implement continuous quality improvement.
Knowledge of organizational methods and the ability to manage multiple tasks/projects simultaneously.
General knowledge of OSHA standards and safe work practices.
Ability to effectively communicate, both written and verbally, with team member, contractors, vendors, suppliers, and other business-related contacts.
Ability to operate all necessary office equipment required to accomplish job duties, such as computer, telephone, fax machine, etc.
Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Ability to adhere to USDA recordkeeping requirements.
Knowledge of the industry, dryer, cooker operation processes.

Approximate: 8-Hour Day (may be longer during peak season)

Occasional = 0% - 33%

Frequent = 34% - 66%

Continuous = 67% - 100%

N/A = Not Applicable

Standing - Frequent

Sitting - Occasional

Walking - Frequent

Bending/Kneeling/Crouching/Stooping - Frequent

Reaching Above Shoulder - Occasional

Climbing (stairs, ladders, etc.) - Frequent

Working on Heights:
Unprotected Heights - Occasional

Protected Heights - Occasional

Lifting Weights from 0 to 100 pounds - Frequent

Push/Pull/Maneuver Equipment/Products/Materials

Weighing from 0 to 700 pounds - Occasional

Being Around and/or Operating Moving Machinery/Equipment - Frequent

Operating a Vehicle (as a part of your job) - Occasional

Read/Monitor Gauges on Various Equipment/Machinery - Occasional

Hand Movements:
Recording Data - Frequent

Operating Office Equipment - Frequent

Operating Computer - Frequent

Simple Grasping (right and left) - Frequent

Firm Grasping (right and left) - Frequent

Fine Manipulating (right and left) - Frequent

Foot Movements to Operate Foot Controls - Occasional

Good Vision, Corrected to Normal; or Ability to Access

Required Information and to Perform Job Duties - Yes

Color Definition - Yes

Good Hearing, Corrected to Normal; or Ability to Communicate

and/or Understand Required Information and to Perform Job Duties - Yes

Ability to be Mobile throughout Required Work Areas - Yes

Office - Occasional

Multiple Locations - Frequent

Plan - Continuous

Equipment/Maintenance or Repair Area - Occasional

Rough Terrain - Occasional

Other - N/A

This job requires the mental capabilities to analyze situations, problem solve, logical thinking in maintaining the reliable operation of all plant equipment/machinery as required by the job duties. Additionally, this employee must be able to handle multiple tasks and understand the production process. Furthermore the incumbent for this position must have the abilities to solve problems as they arise, continually strive to improve upon current processes and excellent communication skills in training team member on the operation of plant equipment/machinery.

General manufacturing work conditions exist for this job and include but are not limited to the following: exposure to chemicals, caustics, cleaning components; temperatures ranging from freezing to extreme heat; high noise levels; tile and concrete floors; machinery and equipment; extended work hours; and high exposure to dust.