Manager, Plant Engineering (Water & Wastewater)
WSSC Water

$79,000 - $120,000 a year

The Manager, Plant Engineering serves as the lead engineer at a large wastewater/treatment facility or a water distribution plant. Plant engineering managers will rotate between water and wastewater plants to gain broad experience in overall plant activities.

Major responsibilities include assisting the Plant Superintendent in the overall management of the plant and associated off-site pumping stations and facilities, and overseeing the digital process control system activities. The Manager, Plant Engineering will assume all Plant Superintendent duties when designated.

Essential Functions
Performs independent research to optimize performance of water and wastewater treatment processes
Reviews and interprets plant, collection, and distribution system operating data to identify process problems and recommends operational solutions to the problems
Performs operational inspections of treatment, collection, and distribution facilities, and monitors plant operations to ensure compliance with WSSC standards, and state, local and federal regulations; reports non-compliances
Directs the operations, maintenance and programming of the digital process control system equipment and IT networks equipment
Coordinates plant treatment process control testing and proper calibration of on-line analytical equipment
Manages the development, modification and maintenance of the facility’s data management system for operational data, engineering plans and specifications
Evaluates the training needs for personnel, arranges and administers training, assists with new employee orientation and assists operators preparing for the State of Maryland Operator’s License examination
Reviews and updates standard operating procedures for plant systems and ensures accurate operational records are maintained
Manages the operation and maintenance of associated off-site pumping stations and off site facilities
Supervises and directs plant engineers, civil engineers, first line supervisors, engineering assistants and interns assigned to the plant
Reviews plans and specifications to help develop plant related designs, recommend equipment upgrades and process modifications
Reviews state and federal permits for the facility to maintain compliance, assists with permit renewals or modifications and facilitates inspections for compliance
Monitors all pertinent occupational, health and safety regulations and ensures compliance with all local, state, and federal requirements and facilitates inspections for compliance
Prepares and revises chemical, material, and service contract specifications, reviews bids, recommends awarding of contracts, and acts as project manager representative of contracts
Prepares new contracts and/or revises existing ones, reviews bids, recommends awarding of contracts, and acts as a Project Manager or the Project Manager’s representative (COTR) of contracts
Keeps current with industry metering and measuring equipment; evaluates need for new equipment to maintain plant proficiency
Requisitions materials, tools, chemicals and equipment based on the plant’s needs
Reviews and performs analysis with various plant and process operating costs for economic comparisons to facilitate proposed plant modifications and staffing requirements
Recommends allocation of budgeted funds and requests approval for major expenditures, authorizes petty cash outlays and payment requests upon approval, and initiates field purchase orders
Assists with preparing the annual fiscal budget reports and various financial monthly and annual reports; participates in the long-range planning, organization and direction of activities relating to the operation and improvements to the plants and collection facilities/distribution facilities to maximize performance while minimizing cost and environmental impact
Administers an employee safety program and protection plan, investigates accidents and prepares accident reports
Supervises employees including selecting or recommending selection, training, assigning and evaluating work, counseling, disciplining, and/or termination or recommending termination

Other Functions
Conducts plant tours, develops plant overviews, informational brochures, and historical summaries and presents technical papers and presentations
Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment And Physical Demands

Work is primarily performed in plant environment.

Required Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities
Thorough knowledge of sound engineering principles and practices
Ability to use solid professional engineering judgment and operating practices associated with water treatment/distribution facilities, wastewater treatment/collection facilities with the ability to manage same
Considerable knowledge of the machines, equipment, materials and construction practices
Ability to make engineering computations, estimates, and designs; able to review and interpret engineering plans and specifications
Ability to supervise the work of others
Ability to prepare and present engineering and administrative reports verbally and in writing
Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships

Minimum Education, Experience Requirements
BS degree in Mechanical, Civil, Environmental or Chemical Engineering or related discipline
5+ years’ experience in an industrial plant environment
2+ years’ experience in environmental, water or wastewater role
Plant Engineering Section Mgr. for Pkwy, WB, Patuxent & Potomac