Carlisle Bray Marine
Covington, KY
Accountable for personal health, safety, and cleanliness. Must be familiar with all C & B Marine, LLC safety and environmental policies, procedures, rules, and regulations, and must abide by them at all times
Responsible for making tow, locking, painting, and cleaning as assigned by the Pilot in a safe and efficient manner and in conformity with all company safety rules and policies.
Responsible for inspecting tows and reporting any abnormalities or damage to the Pilot and correcting the same where necessary.


Must fit through normal Barge manhole that is 56.5 inches in circumference.
Climb and descend an (18) foot ladder safely with PFD on.
Walk at a normal pace (4) flights of stairs up and down without stopping or loosing balance.
Transit up and down into a small boat from a towing vessel with a (30) inch change in elevation with PFD on.
Step up and down with a change in elevation of (12) inches (12) times without stopping while maintaining balance at all times.
Walk safely on uneven decks while maintaining balance at all times.
Walk 1200 feet (12) times a day, (6) times carrying a 75 pound load.
Bend at knees and in a safe ergonomic fashion pick up a 75 pound load (6) times to the shoulder.
Step over deck fittings and objects on deck while maintaining balance.
Reach up 90 degrees with both arms while sitting and standing and then pull down.
Lift 75 pounds from waist to overhead (6) times.
Agile enough to work in confined spaces.

Making up tow; dropping, spotting, and switching barges at docks; assisting the vessel and tow in making locks; standing lookout, or riding the head of the tow as a lookout; performing the various tasks necessary to carry out the above, such as making a coupling, operating winches and ratchets, and line handling, including splicing and throwing lines; inspecting barges prior to pickup.
Chip and paint vessel and tow.
Shingle minor cracks in vessels after obtaining office permission to enter void tank in accordance with applicable Confined Space Entry procedures (competent person/permit).
Assist the Port Engineer in seeing that all scheduled maintenance is performed and reported in the engine room log at the proper time
Repair all machinery and equipment on board the vessel within their capacity. If assistance is required, notify the Port Engineer.
Complete the daily engine room log each day.
Report all equipment failures or conditions that may impact the safe operation of the vessel to the Pilot on watch.
Monitor the amount of fuel and operating fluid (fuel, lube, oil, water, bilge, etc.) and report the same to the Pilot on watch.
Ensure that all fire extinguishers are properly charged and tagged. Report to the Pilot any malfunction of the fire fighting equipment beyond the repair capabilities of vessel personnel.
Keep decks free of oil and fuel.
Ensure that all safety equipment is operational.
Pick up and secure pumps, hoses, fire extinguishers, etc., when no longer needed.
Grease rudders, jockey bars, bushings and deck fittings.
Keep shaft alleys clean and oil/grease free.
Maintain engine room logs and records.
When taking on fuel, follow all U.S. Coast Guard regulations and requirements. If spillage occurs on the deck, clean it up immediately.
Other equipment maintenance as needed.
Clean or scour the boat
Clean quarters, including personal quarters, pilothouse, galley, the heads and companionways
Maintain barges, grease winches, dogs in hatch covers, etc.
Dewater barges as necessary
Perform other cleaning chores as directed by the Pilot or Person-In-Charge
Report hazardous or unsafe conditions to the Pilot and make “on-the-spot” corrections when capable
All other duties as directed by the Pilot or Person-In-Charge or his designate
Must have valid drivers license.