Operations Manager - Specialty & MPSV
Hornbeck Offshore Services
Port Fourchon, LA

About $74,000 - $100,000 a year


The Operations Manager – Specialty & MPSV plans and executes within the budget and policy constraints of executive management, the company's fleet operations activities, including fleet operations, fleet maintenance, fleet certification and regulatory compliance, fleet personnel, purchasing and material control, and customer operational management functions.


Responsibilities shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:

Fleet Operations:
Management of the safety of personnel, third parties and the protection of the environment.
Protection of the Company’s investment in its human and capital resources, maintenance of client service relationships, and efficient and responsible use of Company financial resources.
Scheduled and unscheduled vessel visits and operational audits to observe and address safety, protection of the environment.
Human and capital resource, and client service issues, and to manage the efficient and responsible use of Company financial resources as they apply to marine fleet operations.
Additionally, functionally work with HSE department to develop necessary management systems to affect continuous improvement in operational processes.
Compile and manage vessel based expense budget to actual expenditures.

Fleet Maintenance and Certification:
Management of fleet vessel and equipment maintenance to the standards required for vessel certification by class society, flag state and local authorities, and company maintenance programs.
Scheduled and unscheduled vessel visits and operational audits of the condition of the fleet and vessel apparatus as required for vessel certification required by class, flag state and local authorities and company maintenance programs.
Functionally manage port engineering/maintenance functions to develop necessary maintenance systems and apply new technology to affect continuous improvement in the condition of company equipment.
Oversee the dry dock superintendents during scheduled and unscheduled dry docks, which includes budgeting and expenditures.
Maintain relationships with local regulatory authorities and key service company vendors.

Fleet Personnel:
Recruiting, hiring and supervisory management of vessel masters and their subordinate crews.
Conduct performance evaluations of vessel Masters, establish quantifiable goals and objectives for the vessel unit management and assist the Masters in producing quantifiable improvements in their subordinate down-lines.

Purchasing and Material Control:
Establishing and maintaining relationships with local material, service and supply vendors when such relationships inure to the benefit of the company’s operational and financial goals.
Critically look at material and service delivery systems with appropriate recommendations to Company executive and material procurement managers toward streamlining and taking full advantage of buying leverage opportunities.

Commercial Reporting:
Maintenance of close relationships with company client companies for purposes of monitoring quality of service delivery and positioning for business expansion opportunities in market area.
Maintenance of contact with key employees in client companies for purposes of monitoring quality of service delivery and positioning for business expansion opportunities in market area.
Scout business opportunities in operational area and report commercial activity of clients and competitors that may be of interest for short or long term benefit to company.

Managing our commercial relationship with our client and our client’s required documentation as required by our contract.
Managing and reporting as required by company policies and procedures appropriate financial and administrative activity under his authority.
Compile and manage departmental expense budget to actual expenditures.


Education: Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study is preferred; alternative experience in marine operations may be substituted in lieu of education.

Experience: Ten (10) or more years of experience in all aspects of management of marine vessel operations, including maintenance, regulatory compliance, human resources, administration and customer service delivery. Experience as an OSV Master or Chief Engineer is preferred, but not required.


Excellent oral and written communication skills required.
Personal computer functional skills for scheduling, spread sheet and word processing applications desirable.
Ability to get along well with others.


Eyesight: Functional, correctable to 20/20. When acting in capacity as a vessel watch stander, incumbent must have vision that allows permits safe operation of a vessel in situations that are likely to occur when a boat is in navigation night and day, year round. Color vision that enables them to identify navigation lights, signals, and symbols, as well as warning lights or symbols, is required, as is depth perception, which must be adequate for navigation in close quarters, including lock, bridge and dock approaches.

Hearing: Functional, correctable to normal to perceive sounds at normal speaking levels with or without correction; Ability to receive detailed information through oral communication and to make the discriminations in sound. When acting in capacity as a vessel watch stander, must have hearing that permits incumbent to communicate effectively in the conditions that might be encountered aboard a vessel.

Speech: Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word.

Mobility: Incumbent must be capable of ascending/descending stairs or ladders safely and of performing emergency duties as listed in a typical vessel Station Bill. Incumbent may be required to lift and carry objects up to 50 pounds, or more with assistance.


Standard office hours are Monday through Friday, 0730 – 1700. Individual schedules vary as required by responsibilities and as directed by supervisor. Regular and reliable attendance is required. Potential exists for extensive overtime as required by responsibilities and as directed by supervisor. This position is generally based in Port Fourchon, Louisiana with regular travel expected to the Company’s headquarters in Covington, LA. In addition, the Operations manager will be expected to travel to the various areas of operation where the vessels mobilize.

Walk-ins will be accepted by appointment only