Systems Engineer
Entre Technology Services
Sheridan, WY

About $75,000 - $99,000 a year

Entre is a computer technology company that provides products, technical services, and both technical and non-technical training. Entre has been providing business solutions and services to the Montana and Wyoming region for 30+ years. Most of our clients are small businesses and non-profit organizations that aren’t large enough to have a dedicated IT person on staff. We are a certified partner for Microsoft, VMware, Dell and other top tier manufacturers.

Entre has the expertise and experience to assist in the selection, implementation, and support of computer technology and integrated information systems. We are accustomed to providing these technical resources in a primary or complementary role including special outsourcing arrangements.

If Entre peaks your interest, here is a listing of responsibilities and qualifications that we're looking for!

Install network and desktop operating systems, software, and special configurations
Install, monitor, and support anti-virus software and other desktop and network security products
Provide help desk support duties
Provide network administration duties—remotely and onsite
Provide computer diagnostic and repair services—remotely and onsite
Perform data migration from old systems to new systems
Provides top tier technical support when a problem/issue requires escalation
Provides internal support for general operations
Develop documentation for networks, network specialty appliances, and desktop systems
Develops, leads, and follows project plans
Performs network health assessments and technology audits
Consults with the accounts that you are the lead technologist on products and services that can enhance their business
Coordinate and collaborate with the Sales Team and Technical Services Director to perform periodic strategic planning sessions with the accounts that you are the lead technologist
Communicates with assigned accounts on a periodic basis to check customer satisfaction, report on current technology performance, and share status on project implementations
Be alert to Entre business opportunities in the accounts that you are the lead technologist
Be sensitive to and aware of Entre’s performance in servicing the needs of the accounts that you are the lead technologist
Provide technology leadership and quality assurance in the accounts that you are the lead technologist
Be available to investigate and interview prospective business opportunities, and then work with the Sales Team and Technical Services Director in developing solutions, and presenting the recommendations
Keep apprised of changes in the industry that affect our business clients and their technology needs
Participates in new technologies research and evaluation that are suitable for our market and business clients/prospects
Apply systems analysis techniques and procedures, including consulting with users, to determine hardware, software or system functional specifications
Provide design, development, documentation, analysis, creation, testing or modification of computer systems
Participate in the setup, implementation, and support of desktop systems including installation of hardware, software, and peripheral equipment for output, network connectivity, and backup systems

knowledge and experience providing onsite and remote support
experience preparing new computer systems and peripherals
experience using and supporting Windows desktop applications and operating systems
knowledge and experience in a Microsoft server environment
knowledge and experience integrating mobile devices, and voice/data.
demonstrated ability to solve complex, multi-disciplinary problems
experience installing desktop operating systems and applications
experience diagnosing and repairing computers and peripherals
customer service personality, and proven ability to work on a team
ability to work in fast-paced environment
maintain reasonable accessibility to receive calls from the Entre Dispatcher and Technical Services Director
consistent attention to the needs/requests of your account assignments, including timely follow-up
experience in a professional and consultative approach to your interaction with our external customers (i.e., honest, trustworthy, objective, competent)
good communication skills—both verbal and written at a consulting level
consistent communication habits when sharing opportunities, task status, task issues, and resolution
strong research, analytical, and problem-solving skills
demonstrated ability and willingness to mentor others
responsible for personal timekeeping in terms of accuracy, clarity, and timeliness
follow office procedures for tracking and managing time
be familiar with project management concepts and apply to the larger jobs/tasks
professional, neat appearance
have a Montana driver’s license in good standing
minimum 4 years work experience in computer industry
some lifting required