Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility
Joint Base Pearl Hbr Hickam, HI

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility is hiring!!!

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard will be at the Workforce Hawaii Career Fair on 17 September 2019 (Tuesday), 10am to 3pm at the Blaisdell Arena.

There will be Direct Hiring Authority (DHA) for over 200 Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard job openings (blue/white-collar government civilian jobs).

What does this mean for you?

The standard USAJOBS application process is now eliminated, saving 60-90 days in the

hiring process. So get hired much faster! Just bring a detailed resume and any education

credentials or certifications to the fair and you could receive a contingent job offer!

DHA vacancies include:


Forward resumes to the 8 jobs below to PRLH_PHNS_Code105_Recruit at

1. Nuclear Engineer (3 vacancies) GS-0840-05/07/09/11/12

2. Engineering Tech (1 vacancy) GS-0802-04/05

3. Physical Science Technician (5 vacancies) GS-1311-04/05/06/07/08/09/10

4. Supv Physical Science Technician (3 vacancies) GS-1311-12

5. Physical Science Technician (4 vacancies) GS-1311-11/12

6. Physical Science Technician (2 vacancies) GS-1311-05/06/07/08/09

7. Nuclear Engineer (5 vacancies) GS-0840-05/07/09/11/12

8. Health Physicist (3 vacancies) GS-1306-05/07/09/11/12

Forward resumes to the 5 jobs below to PRLH_PHNS_Code106_Recruit at

1. Industrial Hygienist (4 vacancies) GS-0690-5/7/9/11/12

2. Occupational Safety and Health Specialist (3 vacancies) GS-0018-5/7/9/11/12

3. Environmental Engineer (3 vacancies) GS-0819-5/7/9/11/12

4. Environmental Protection Specialist (5 vacancies) GS-0028-5/7/9/11/12

5. Hazardous Waste Disposer (2 vacancies) WG-6913-6

Forward resume to the 1 job below to PRLH_PHNS_Code109_Recruit at

1. Information Technology Specialist (3 vacancies) GS-2210-05/07/09/11/12

Forward resumes to the 18 jobs below to PRLH_PHNS_Code130_Recruit at

1. Quality Assurance Specialist (1 vacancy) GS-1910-12

2. Quality Assurance Specialist (1 vacancy) GS-1910-11

3. Quality Assurance Specialist (1 vacancy) GS-1910-09

4. Quality Assurance Specialist (1 vacancy) GS-1910-07

5. Quality Assurance Specialist (1 vacancy) GS-1910-05

6. General Engineer (1 vacancy) GS-0801-12

7. General Engineer (1 vacancy) GS-0801-11

8. General Engineer (1 vacancy) GS-0801-09

9. General Engineer (1 vacancy) GS-0801-07

10. General Engineer (1 vacancy) GS-0801-05

11. Quality Assurance Specialist (1 vacancy) GS-1910-11/12

12. Program Specialist (NDT) (2 vacancies) GS-1601-11/12

13. Non-destructive Test Insp (3 vacancies) WG-3705-13

14. Non-destructive Test Insp (3) WG-3705-10/11

15. General Engineer (1 vacancy) GS-0801-12

16. Mechanical Engineer (1 vacancy) GS-0830-11

17. Quality Assurance Specialists (1 vacancy) GS-1910-11/12

18. Receipt Inspection Assistant (1 vacancy) GS-0303-05/06/07

Forward resumes to the 6 jobs below to at

1. General Engineer (20 vacancies) GS-0801-5/7/9

2. Naval Architect (10 vacancies) GS-0871-5/7/9

3. Mechanical Engineer (23 vacancies) GS-0830-5/7/9

4. Electronics Engineer (6 vacancies) GS-0855-5/7/9

5. Mechanical Engineer (6 vacancies) GS-0830-5/7/9

6. Electrical Engineer (5 vacancies) GS-0850-5/7/9

Forward resumes to the 3 jobs below to

PRLH_PHNS_Code300N_Recruit at

1. Program Analyst (2 vacancies) GS-0343-7/9/11

2. Program Analyst (1 vacancy) GS-0343-12

3. Secretary (1 vacancy) GS 0318-07

Forward resumes to the 2 jobs below to PRLH_PHNS_Code400_Recruit at

1. Industrial Property Management Specialist (1 vacancy) GS-1103-11

2. Contract Specialist (17 vacancies) GS 1102-12 (17 vacancies)

Forward resumes to the 5 jobs below to PRLH_PHNS_Code700_Recruit at

1. Motor Vehicle Operator (Requirement: Hawaii State Commercial Driver's License [CDL] Type A with endorsement X) (4 vacancies) WG-5703-08

2. Production Shop Planner (Dive Locker) (1 vacancy) WD-5210-06

3. Heavy Mobile Equipment Repairer (1 vacancy) WG-5803-08

4. Heavy Mobile Equipment Helper (1 vacancy) WG-5803-05

5. Secretary (1 vacancy) GS-0318-07

Forward resumes to the 7 jobs below to PRLH_PHNS_Code980_Recruit at

1. Architect (Licensed) (1 vacancy) GS-0808-11/12-

2. Electrical Engineer (Licensed) (1 vacancy) GS-0850-11/12

3. Mechanical Engineer (Licensed) (1 vacancy) GS-0830-11/12

4. Project Engineer (interdisciplinary) (1 vacancy) GS-0808/ 0810/ 0830/ 0850/ 0896- 11/12

5. Equipment Engineer (interdisciplinary) (2 vacancies) GS-0896/ 0810/0830/ 0850 - 9/11/12

6. Drydock Engineer (interdisciplinary) (1 vacancy) GS-0810/0830/0850 - 9/11/12

7. Utility Engineer (interdisciplinary) (1 vacancy) GS-0810/0830/0850 - 9/11/12

Forward resumes to the 1 job below to PRLH_PHNS_Code1100_Recruit at

1. Security Asst (OA) (Reserved Parking Coordinator) (1 vacancy) GS-0086-05

Forward resumes to the 2 jobs below to at

1. Nuclear Engineer (includes ME, CE, SE, EE, Chem E,etc) (54 vacancies) GS-0840-5/7/9/11/12

2. Nuclear Engineer/Tech (instructor) (5 vacancies) GS-0802-10/11/12;GS-0840-11/12

Other jobs:

- For Process Improvement jobs jobs forward resume to PRLH_PHNS_Code100PI_Recruit at

- For Contract Specialists jobs forward resume to PRLH_PHNS_Code400_Recruit at

- For Finance jobs forward resume to PRLH_PHNS_Code600_Recruit at

- For Production Training jobs forward resume to PRLH_PHNS_Code900T_Recruit at

- For Shipfitter, Sheet Metal and Welding jobs forward resume PRLH_PHNS_Code920_Recruit at

- For Machinist and Mechanic jobs forward resume to PRLH_PHNS_C930Ad.fct at

- For Electrical jobs forward resume to PRLH_PHNS_Code950_Recruit at

- For Pipefitting jobs forward resume to PRLH_PHNS_Code960_Recruit at

- For Paint, Shipwright and Fabrication jobs forward resume to PRLH_PHNS_Code970_Recruit at

- For Temporary Services jobs forward resume to PRLH_PHNS_Code990_Recruit at

Visit for a description and qualifications of the job

series noted above. For example a job series would be GS-0840 for a Nuclear

Engineer in the "0800 Engineering and Architecture Group" series.

If you cannot attend please forward your resume to the addresses above.

Sign language interpreters will be available to accommodate the hearing impaired.

Come join our winning team in keeping our Nation “Fit to Fight!”

Job Type: Full-time