Machine Learning Engineer
Atlas AI
Palo Alto, CA

About $74,000 - $100,000 a year

Atlas AI generates actionable intelligence on agricultural and economic trends across the developing world. Spun out of Stanford and founded in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, we are an AI start-up focused on social impact. Our products support decision-makers in emerging markets and across the global development sector. This is a rare opportunity to have a significant impact on the evolution of the company. You will be part of a big mission and a small but sophisticated team working to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research, with a focus on deep learning models based on geospatial data.
  • Develop weakly-supervised machine learning models to achieve optimal accuracy in data-sparse regimes.
  • Fine-tune and validate model predictions.
  • Assist the engineering team in scaling up research prototypes.
Key Qualifications

  • M.S. in Computer Science/Statistics/related field, or equivalent work experience.
  • In-depth understanding of data structures, algorithms, and the fundamentals of learning theory.
  • Excellent Python coding, strong engineering practices, debugging/profiling skills, familiarity with multi-threaded programming.
  • Experience with data science Python tools, particularly those dedicated to geospatial data (e.g. gdal, shapely, rasterio, geopandas).
  • Familiarity with deep learning toolkits such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.
  • Experience training neural networks. Experience in computer vision applications is a plus.
  • Publications at top artificial intelligence and machine learning conferences such as ICML, NeurIPS, ICLR, AISTATS, UAI are desirable but not necessary.
Personal Qualities

  • Strong analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Innovative, forward-thinking, and highly motivated
  • Passionate about making a difference in developing nations and helping the underserved