Project Engineer
Kentucky Trailer

About $59,000 - $86,000 a year

A career at Kentucky Trailer - regardless of the facility or department - starts with commitment. From the executive leadership team through the ranks, associates commit to an ethic of hard work and a mission to produce the highest quality product in the industry.

Kentucky Trailer, in turn commits to harboring a family-friendly environment where associates can excel. This atmosphere of mutual respect allows the individual to thrive, as evidenced by many associates who have made a lifetime career with the company. Associates work alongside the most talented and knowledgeable people in the trailer industry.

Kentucky Trailer believes in strengthening tomorrow's modern manufacturing leaders. We encourage people of all ages who are wanting to pursue a successful career to contact Kentucky Trailer.

Kentucky Trailer is a Servant Leader Company. We are driven to be the best in the world at design, build and service solutions for specialty trailer, custom transport and mobilized business markets.

The Engineer’s primary responsibility is to design and document product lines. The product lines primarily revolve around semi-trailers and truck bodies. The position also requires that the Engineer work across departmental boundaries and interact with customers and vendors directly. The candidate will have the ability to prioritize changing design requirements in a custom manufacturing environment. The long term goal is to provide the new team member with tools and training to develop into a self-motivated learner and problem solver.

Core job accountabilities:
30% of the accountabilities pertain to the 2D documentation of design using Autocad and loading bill of materials into Syteline (Materials system)
40% of the accountabilities pertain to increasing 3D documentation of the current and future product designs using Solidworks. (This is the long term direction)
15% of the time requirements pertain to information gathering, internal and external customer interactions, and support other departmental objectives
15% Develop customer relationships and managing account with Sales and occasional travel (2/year)

Minimum education of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
Minimum 6-10 yrs. experience in manufacturing environment (design experience is a plus).
Demonstrated proficiency in computer software such as AutoCAD and Microsoft Office (experience with Syteline ERP system, EPDM or Meridian Engineering Content Manger systems; Inventor, SolidWorks, or other 3D CAD systems is a plus).
Ability to work jointly with Engineering, other intra-company departments, and customers.
Ability to understand technical documents.
Good attention to detail.
Leadership and Managerial skill
Technical Expert over multiple product lines
Spec & Print Review (Plan, Do, Check)
Understanding of Legal Compliance
Identifies improvement opportunities (Cost Outs)
Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects.

Excellent Performance Outcomes:
30 days - Achieve a thorough understanding of the Engineering database and documentation processes from the initial customer contact to the final inspection of the product as they pertain to the Trailer product line
90 days - Develop a high level of ownership pertaining to a trailer account. Has the ability to pull information for processing with limited oversight required.
120 days – Has developed a high level of Fleet Trailer design expertise and understanding of the documentation system. Begin to Cross-train on other product lines if workload and timing permit.
360 days – Will have cross-trained on a minimum of two product lines and gained a high-level design insight.

Throughout our company and in all interactions, Kentucky Trailer Associates choose to be:

Patient, demonstrating self-control

Kind, giving encouragement and appreciation to others

Humble, without arrogance or pretense

Respectful, treating others as important individuals

Selfless, focusing on the needs of others

Forgiving, letting go of resentment when wronged

Honest, free of deception

Committed, honoring the choices we make

Fundamental Irreplaceable Behavior Values:
Interpersonal Skills : Easy to get along with. Treats all people with dignity and respect. Always approachable, never rude. Aware of and sensitive to what other people are feeling. Is at ease with people at all levels. Does not belittle the opinions or work of other people, regardless of their status or position. Deals effectively with a diverse workforce. Demonstrates a high degree of “emotional intelligence.” Truly values and genuinely likes people. Treats others as important person. Serves others.

Ethics and Integrity : Admits mistakes in spite of the potential for negative consequences. Presents unpleasant or disagreeable facts in an appropriate manner. Keeps promises; meets goals and deadlines. Avoids situations and associations that could be considered inappropriate. Honest in all dealings. Upholds and models organization’s values. Does what you say you will do. Is forgiving when feeling mistreated.

Business Demeanor / Temperament : Displays a positive attitude and optimism about the work to be done, the people he or she works with, customers, management, and company policies. Has a constructive sense of humor. Maintains a calm temperament and pleasant demeanor. Shows self-control. Does not spread gossip or rumors. Acts as a positive influence on others. Is courteous, cooperative, and helpful. Is humble, never boastful, or arrogant.

Accountability : Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of his/her work. Acknowledges and corrects mistakes. Does not make excuses or blame others for errors or problems. Carries his/her fair share of the workload. Does what he/she commits to doing.