Merchant Success Engineer
Austin, TX
As a Support Engineer at Cratejoy, you'll help us create effortless and personal experiences for our growing community of buyers and sellers. Our Support Engineers act as a bridge between the support and product teams, helping to solve customer issues while helping to keep the R&D team deeply connected to the customers that we serve.

You'll help the support team resolve escalations, improve our knowledge base, run scripts, and automate repeatable tasks. You'll also serve as a stop-gap at times, helping the support team manage the front-line queue of help and service requests from sellers.

On the R&D side, you'll synthesize the work you do for the support team into information that empowers the product team to better serve customer needs. You'll identify bugs, document and surface repeat issues, run impact investigations, and recommend fixes. Over time, you'll have opportunities to implement fixes yourself and the opportunity to grow into a product engineering role (if that's what you want).

We are a team of smart, passionate, ambitious people. The work we’re doing brings joy to consumers worldwide and helps thousands of people grow their businesses. In other words, our work really matters – and it's unbelievably fulfilling.
Who We Want to Work With (You)
Are looking to invest your time, passion, and skill to make a difference that lasts.
Have a passion for what we do and why we do it, and show up each day ready to elevate the team and our vision.
Are hungry for knowledge, ready for a challenge, excited to learn new things and tackle big problems.
Don't get queasy when change happens. (Change happens a lot around here! It's one way we stay ahead of issues and setbacks: anticipate them and find ways to adapt and win.)
Are self-aware, willing to acknowledge what you don't know (and are ready to improve), and confident in your strengths (and can figure out how those can serve the team and our customers).
Lean into feedback and coaching (we do - it's how we grow better, together).
Are a problem solver who prides yourself in high-value output, rather than checking boxes on a list or burning down the clock.
Are respectful, generally kind, and enjoyable to be around. We find that assuming good intent makes for a stronger team – and winning as an individual but losing as a team is losing in our eyes.
Are others-oriented with a desire to win collectively, and win big!
Resolve tickets escalated from front-line support
Document and assess the impact of issues as they come in
Help find creative solutions to seller issues
Write documentation that enables front-line support to handle more tickets, reducing your need to become involved in a given type of issue
Step in and assist front-line support on heavy ticket days, fall back and assist engineers on low volume days
Be passionate about our team, our users, and the quality of our product
2+ years of professional support engineering or technical support experience
Experience with scripting languages or SQL is a big plus (Python, SQL, JS, HTML, CSS)
Excellent at cross-functional communication (support, engineering, product, etc)
Fantastic people skills
Able to work independently and make decisions.
Demonstrated ability managing priorities in a fast-paced environment
High attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Demonstrated passion for troubleshooting issues
A strong sense of empathy with customers