Sound Engineer
Dancenhance Entertainment

About $60,000 - $76,000 a year

Dancenhance Entertainment has a position available for experienced Sound Engineers. The Engineer will be responsible for live music PA and recordings for Dancenhance events. The engineer must have the following qualifications:

2 years audio engineering experience in a professional live or studio environment
Favorable references by bands or live acts mixed
If possible, a recording of recent mixdown is preferred, but not necessary
Ability to lift 100 pounds unassisted
Cable management & organization skills
Availability on Friday and Saturday evenings is required
The audio environment for Dancenhance events is primarily live bands on the weekend. We use Mackie boards and powered mains/monitors/subwoofers, DBX processors, Shure microphones, etc. The Engineer will be responsible for the proper setup of monitor mixes, the Front of the House mix, the recording mix and he will be responsible for interaction with the band regarding audio. The Engineer will maintain an organized PA rack and will be able to clearly describe changes that may be made to the PA rack during use. The Engineer will inform the staff of any problems or faulty equipment and he may advise the staff on future audio equipment purchases.

The Engineer will be paid in cash on a nightly basis, with a flat fee or a percentage of the door, whichever is greater. In addition, Dancenhance promotional materials, clothing and other preferential treatment will be offered gratis to the Engineer. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Anna Huynh to set up an interview.