WalkMe Instructional Designer
Lake County, IL
Responsible for compliance with applicable Corporate and Divisional policies and procedures.
Assist in the coordination of activities of a cross-functional team to ensure development of necessary training solutions are completed on time and within budget (if applicable)
Lead project activities such as LMS planning and implementation, metrics development and interpretation, compliance assessment and system updates.
May represent training on continuous improvement projects or cross-functional initiatives.
Improves, maintains and monitors Training SharePoint site
Identify issues that potentially impact compliance to training expectations and identify potential interventions or solutions to manage the issues.
Develop course descriptions, learning models and training programs utilizing information from Subject Matter Experts to deliver training in an effective manner while overseeing workflow management for design and development projects
Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the training curriculum by creating and implementing measures to track outcomes and ensure alignment to business objectives.
Effectively communicates training gaps, metrics and project progress. Establish networks and relationships within and across functions to define training needs and current training progress within the organization.

General Skills

  • WalkMe experience is preferred
  • CSS and jQuery experience a plus
  • High affinity for Software - quickly learn/understand essence of new technology
  • Strategic/Big picture thinker (understand that all pieces are parts of a whole)
  • Effectively speak and write clearly and accurately
  • Able to prioritize changing timelines and ensure deliverables align to business goals
  • Critical thinker that works well in groups and independently driven to meet aggressive timelines

  • WalkMe System knowledge
  • System configuration
  • Generate workflows that present informational instruction to end-users as they navigate clinical systems by mitigating issues and system nuances
  • Analyze, prioritize and generate workflow scenarios
  • Technical liaison with Enterprise for Browser extensions needed (internal and external)
Instructional Design

  • Collaborate with process SMEs to understand end-user need and use of clinical systems
  • Evaluate user feedback against business goals, not necessarily the needs of one learner
Tech Writer

  • Create supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily
  • Generate easy-to-understand user interface text, online help and developer guides