Curriculum Developer for Project Management Boot Camp
Trilogy Ed
New York, NY
Job Description

Are you a passionate project management professional with a knack for changing lives? Do you love writing, teaching, and storytelling as much as you love keeping projects on time? Are you an Agile guru, scrum master, or technology project management wizard who loves discussing the latest trends in the field? Then we may have the position for you.

At Trilogy Education Services, we're creating programs to train new audiences for careers in the tech industry. Our programs are taught at the leading universities across the country including the University of Pennsylvania, University of California Berkeley, Northwestern, UNC Chapel Hill, Rutgers, UT Austin, and many others. We pride ourselves on building high-quality programs that help ambitious, hardworking adults change their lives through practical skills, fundamental knowledge, and the confidence to advance their careers.

We're looking for a top-notch professional with a love for teaching, inspiring, and helping newcomers enter the field of project management. The program we're developing combines theoretical teaching with plenty of hands-on practical, skills-based assignments.

Who You Are

  • Someone with at least 3-5 years of industry experience in project management
  • Someone with a lot of hands-on experience. We're building a program in which students learn by doing! At a minimum, you should have a strong familiarity with topics like:
  • Software development processes
  • Project management concepts and approaches
  • Agile project management
  • Risk management
  • Reporting and data analysis
  • Tools such as MS Project, Asana, Jira, Smartsheet, Lucidchart, Pivotal Tracker
  • Someone who absolutely loves sharing knowledge with others. It's ideal if you've taught project management in the past. Major plus if you've created a curriculum.
  • Someone with a creative itch! This program will require a great deal of ingenuity and setup to create at scale. We want someone who is excited by the idea of teaching students how to become project managers using real-world scenarios to create highly job-relevant skills.
  • Someone who is a lot of fun! We want the learning experience to be exciting, engaging, and a little funny. We need fun people to make this a reality!
  • Someone who can be a part of a team. Collaboration is your middle name. Receiving feedback is no problem for you because you relish the developmental process. We want someone with a bit of thick skin, an infectious enthusiasm for continual improvement, and staying abreast of industry trends.
  • Someone who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty. In this capacity, you'll be responsible for keeping a living curriculum up-to-date for hundreds of students and teachers across the country. This means meeting deadlines, revising content again and again when necessary to create the best lesson possible for our students.
  • Above all else…...Someone who is looking for more than just a paycheck. We can't stress this enough. Deep within all of us at Trilogy is the belief that our programs change lives. Each month we hear from countless students attesting to how our program brought them new skills, landed them new jobs, and a renewed sense of confidence. This impact is what our work is really about to us.
What You Will Do

  • You will be responsible for developing the curriculum for our Project Management program. Curriculum content will be created for both instructor-led and online delivery.
  • You will be responsible for dreaming up and creating instructional activities for demonstrating key concepts in the area of Project Management
  • You will be responsible for improving portions of our curriculum based on student learning data -- and continually asked to create improved content for teaching topics covered in our program.
  • You will be responsible for staying abreast of industry trends and incorporate cutting edge trends into the curriculum.
  • Lastly and most importantly, you will be responsible for making sure our program is the very best Project Management program it can be. We want the person in this role to feel accountable to our students' success in the same way we hold ourselves accountable to their success in all other areas.