Metal Solutions, Inc.
Utica, NY

Metal Solutions, Inc. is recognized as a premier employer and the leader in providing products and innovative manufacturing solutions to companies and organizations who demand the highest levels of quality and service. We are currently looking for a full time 2nd shift Programmer. In this role, you will prepare parts for cutting process in a manner that maximizes efficiency of materials and process. You will be expected to communicate critical assumptions used in programming the parts to other departments in order to increase overall effectiveness of producing the part.

Programmer Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Programs cutting process for flat parts using available cutting methods.
  • Uses tooling and material blanks that will result in the most accurate and efficient parts.
  • Assists punch, laser and brake operators with issues relating to the cutting and bending process.
  • Properly logs time in E2 so that the cost of programming can be properly captured and analyzed.
  • Develops standards for programming parts.
  • Develops standards for storage and purging of part flat files and geo files.
  • Develops standards for bending parts.
  • Maintains directories in file server of part flat files and geo files.
  • Is cognizant of and follows safety protocol and procedures within production facility.
  • proactively reports safety issues noted to appropriate supervisors for action.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Engineering Degree: 2 years (Preferred)