Junior Electrical Engineer
Indigo Alliance: Luxus+ & Tutela Talent
New York, NY

About $60,000 - $87,000 a year

** This position is Located in New York, relocation is not an option. **

Description :
Full-service engineering firm specializing in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, fire alarm and technology design services is seeking an entry-level Junior Electrical Designer to assist the the Lead Trade Designer and provide valuable support to the project team.
The Junior Electrical Designer will be responsible for performing basic engineering design and project functions, such as, surveys, calculations, selection & layouts. This role allows a junior engineer the unique opportunity to learn and gain hands on experience with assisting the design team in all project phases, including, but not limited to: communicating with peers, supervisors, vendors, consultants, clients & stakeholders, assisting in the construction administration process, performing basic field observations, process and review shop drawings, and prepare respective reports. The Junior Designer will eventually be responsive for training for the functions of a Job Captain function and therefore may be required to perform such responsibilities.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Engineering degree from an accredited 4-year institution.
  • Basic knowledge and experience working with Revit and AutoCAD.
  • Advanced knowledge and experience working with Microsoft Office.
  • Must be highly organized and have the ability to remain composed under pressure.
  • Ability to multi-task with multiple projects in order to meet strict deadlines.
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Proficiency Operating AutoCAD:
  • Able to operate the CAD workstation native environment – hardware and operating system software.
  • File management: Knows how to open, save, find, and copy files over a network.
  • Creates basic geometry using the 2D draw and modify commands.
  • Easily works with real-time pan and zoom.
  • Utilizes drawing aids such as snap, ortho, and osnap.
  • Organize entities onto appropriate layers.
  • Able to determine the scales of various hardcopy output.
  • Creates annotation (text and dimensions) in a professional style and size.
  • Understands page layouts, viewports, plot styles, and plotting.
  • Can use template drawings.
  • Uses inquiry commands to assure accuracy.
  • Effectively use blocks and the Design Center.
  • Able to edit with grips and selection sets.
  • Understands orthographic and multi-view projection.
  • Ably uses the Help utility.
Proficiency Operating Revit :
  • Ability to launch/open the Revit Project properly
  • Understands the User interface.
  • Navigates the Project Browser to review Sheets for appropriate graphic layout.
  • Understands Sheet Sets for Submissions
  • Ably determines hard copy output.