Jr. Software Developer
College Station, TX
909 Southwest Pkwy E
College Station, TX 77840

Please note: this position is reserved for students only. This position is also not an internship.

Pay Range
$12.50/hr to $25.00/hr

Description & Responsibilities
You will be working side-by-side with a high-performance team of veteran software engineers.
You'll have real responsibilities, autonomy over your work, flexibility over your schedule, and the opportunity to deliver software that people use and rely on every day.

Your primary responsibilities will include:
  • Developing new features
  • Debugging and resolving issues
  • Testing your work
  • Researching solutions to technical problems
  • Communicating with clients and team leads regarding the progress of key tasks or issues.
This is a tremendous opportunity for professional growth. There will be constant change, but one thing is certain - you will learn more and grow faster at FrogSlayer than you will anywhere else.

The Right Fit
We don't care so much about your specific technical background. We're much more interested in knowing that you can learn quickly, apply new knowledge to solve problems, are disciplined in your work, and have an aptitude for becoming proficient in a variety of languages and tools.

You're a good fit if:
  • You're a humble, nice person that's eager to earn the trust of clients and everyone you meet
  • Programming is your hobby as well as your major in school
  • You are a passionate learner, dedicated to honing your skills
  • You naturally find yourself teaching and helping others
  • You find business problems just as interesting as technical problems
Consultant Mindset
FrogSlayer is a consultancy. Under the guidance of senior team members, you'll be empowered to interact directly with clients every day. You'll need to become comfortable and effective at understanding and discussing business goals, budgets, and timelines with your clients.

Variety of Technologies
At FrogSlayer, you'll be working on a variety of projects that include web, desktop, mobile and embedded systems. It's not uncommon for someone to move from developing a new web application in Python over to a system written in C# or PHP. We're technology agnostic and are more concerned about creating high-impact business outcomes for our clients. For each project, we select the best tools for the job. Common technologies, tools and libraries we use include: Python, Django, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Jenkins CI, GitLab, Docker, Ansible, MVC, SPA, AWS, Azure, Web API, HTTP, REST, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL.