Acoustic Sound Engineer
Visteon Corporation
Van Buren, MI

About $58,000 - $80,000 a year

TITLE: Acoustic Sound Engineer

DUTIES: Perform acoustical test experiments both in-vehicle and on bench; perform objective testing according to ITU-T standards P.1100 for telephony Narrowband, P.1110 for Telephony wideband, P.1140 for emergency call; perform CarPlay certification acoustics test cases and generate all required documentation to be submitted to apple including Siri speech recognition; collaborate with interdisciplinary team leads including software engineers, hardware engineers, DSP engineers and Program management to meet prototype and validate solutions which includes devising and executing electrical and acoustical measurements as well critical listening to evaluate speech quality; coordinate and develop Hands Free tuning for all infotainment products to optimize speech quality experience; develop audio path quality measurements, prepare technical reports and discussions with cross-functional team; assist on the creation and execution of advanced development; document laboratory setups; keep equipment up to date meet requirements based on product specifications, include calibration, hardware and software updates, etc., among other duties.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in electrical, electronic, or acoustics and sound engineering and three years of experience in the job offered or related. Experience must include: Experience working with basic audio processing algorithms, including echo cancellation, noise suppression, automatic gain control, DRC, Dynamic EQ, filtering equalization and system variant coding configurations; experience working with standard audio measurement tools such as B&K Labshop, Reflex, HEAD Acoustics ACQUA and Artemis, Rohde & Schwartz CMW500, Audio Precision, SQuadriga II; experience running tests including acquisition of noise road recordings and use of HAE-Car to reproduce road noise in vehicle; experience working with Apple CarPlay certification requirements and ability to run all the telephony acoustic test cases as well prepare the documentation required to be submitted for the certification; and experience working with acoustics measurement instruments (HATS, artificial ears, reference acoustic sources & microphones).

WORK LOCATION: Van Buren Township, MI.