Bar Harbor Whale Watch
Bar Harbor, ME

About $59,000 - $78,000 a year

The Engineer on our vessels oversees the daily maintenance of our vessels. The Engineer has able knowledge of the vessels mechanical systems. They are able to complete tasks such as changing oil or replacing injector lines. They check and add fluids to the engines and other marine propulsion systems. He/she will ensure the boat is fueled up and watered up for the following day. He/she conducts routine checks on the engines and jets during trips.

The following are some of the responsibilities of the Engineer:

Maintains the vessels’ maintenance log and fuel logs.
Keeps track of service intervals on the engines.
Works closely with the Captain and Mate to change engine fluids and filters at the recommended intervals. The Engineer takes all practical steps to ensure the vessel is properly maintained for safety and to not miss any trips.
Always keeps the Captain informed of any potential problems with the vessel.
Strives to teach new Deckhands all the vessels systems.
Helps the Deckhands with their duties when not engaged in their own.
Takes direction from the Captain and Mate.
Safely fuel company vessels. Take Class “C” Underground Storage Tanks Operator training.
Holds a Transportation Worker Security Credential (TWIC) or be willing to apply for one. Able to lift and carry 50 pounds.
Understands and demonstrates knowledge of their place on the station bill, knows the other crew positions and how to operate all safety equipment, especially equipment associated with the engine room.

The Engineer should always strive to make the boat and trip better, safer and more enjoyable for the passengers.