Junior Front End Developer
Holt International Children's Services Inc
Eugene, OR
Salary Range for this position is $20.46/hr. - $27.62/hr.

Marketing and Development - Creative Services is responsible for the marketing and communication at Holt International — including maintenance and overall strategy of the website — aimed at increasing family recruitment, meeting fundraising objectives, acquiring and retaining new donors, and growing brand recognition and inspiring constituents to believe in and support Holt’s vision of a world where every child has a loving and secure home.

Develops high quality, effective web pages, email communications and other digital fundraising tools consistent with Holt’s brand by coding and testing both new and existing web pages and emails under the supervision of the Web Manager. Contributes to effective advertising, marketing and communications with the goal of engaging diverse audiences through digital platforms. Assists in the development of applications and features that will be put on the website and in internal functions as well

1. Develops Holt’s website, blog and emails by:
Utilizing Blackbaud’s Luminate CMS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to produce modern, sleek web pages, donation pages, multimedia blogs and emails that render well across multiple devices— incorporating effective principles of modern web and mobile design, always striving toward a greater production quality. Using data-based information to track and improve email and web communications, campaigns, direct mail and email, aim to drive SEO and grow our constituent base.

2. Maintains Holt’s web styles by:
Evaluating Holt’s online communications and marketing to fit within brand styles established by the Director of Marketing and Communications, and in conjunction with the voice and messaging of the communications team and the styles of the graphic design team. Online style should be modern, fresh and cutting edge and represent the diverse voices and experiences of Holt’s staff, constituents and children and families we serve. Using Holt’s online platforms as effective means for fundraising, family recruitment, advertising, marketing and communicating with new or established constituents.

3. Provides coordination and collaboration for web growth and development by:
Working in cooperation and collaboration with the Creative Services team to develop and maintain engaging visual content and storytelling for Holt’s website. Taking initiative to refresh out-of-date online content, thus accurately reflecting the work of Holt International. Collaborating with Holt’s sponsorship department, relational marketing team, social services staff and others to more effectively meet fundraising and family recruitment goals, as determined by Holt’s leadership. Monitors website performance, watch for traffic drops related to site usability problems and rectify the issue

4. Promotes continual improvement in Holt’s marketing efforts by:
Researching web development techniques and tools, and taking initiative to find and participate in extended education opportunities at least 2-4 times per year. The Junior Front End Developer should maintain Creative Team productivity by recommending appropriate software and hardware needs, and providing guidance on necessary maintenance or repairs, including those to increase online security.

5. Demonstrates the ability to work independently and collaboratively within the Creative Services department by:
Initiating projects when appropriate, or expressing ideas in team meetings and brainstorm sessions, and by effectively meeting production deadlines and coordinating web-related aspects of the department’s project list, and by proactively maintaining relationships with other departments in the organization. Going above and beyond assigned projects to proactively secure highly effective and widespread web-based marketing and communications.

6. Contributes to the team effort by:
Exhibiting cooperative and effective work relationships, such as responding positively to challenges, assignments, inter and intra departmental requests, participating in team brainstorm and planning meetings, and seeing beyond individual tasks to help fulfill the organizational goals.

7. Contributes to a positive, productive work environment by:
Meeting attendance and punctuality guidelines and pre-arranging time off with appropriate notice; Treating all people with dignity and respect; Responding to creative projects with positivity and constructive criticism when necessary; Exhibiting good listening and comprehension skills, including giving and welcoming feedback; Communicating effectively by email and phone. .

The successful Junior Front End Developer is detail-oriented and deadline driven. A team player committed to providing quality web development, secure donation mechanisms, and streamlined information sharing. Must be approachable and dependable, exhibit a confident, flexible communication style and the ability to explain processes, solicit feedback and discuss information and actions with others in a patient, open manner. Must be open to feedback and have exceptional problem solving capabilities.

Bachelor’s degree in web design, web development, computer science, multimedia design or a related field is required. Must have 2 years of experience with web development or design. A combination of education, internships and work experience may be qualifying. Required thorough knowledge of and experience with:
  • Responsive web design, Bootstrap
  • UX design
  • Adobe Creative Suite, advanced knowledge of Dreamweaver is a plus
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of WordPress CMS
  • E-commerce web development
  • Knowledge of SEO principles a plus
  • Data management and FTP is a plus
  • Experience with print graphic design is a plus.
Maintains current and accurate records of shared communications, including regular updates to auto-response email messaging and design. Tracks, reports and summarizes the effectiveness of emails and campaign landing pages, as it pertains to open rates, click through rates and conversion per fundraising campaign. Responsible for communicating in-person and via email regarding challenges or concerns about donation processing, online security and website functionality. Demonstrates attention to detail, thoroughness and accuracy when creating and updating web pages, emails and back-end development.

Works independently and in collaboration with Creative Team writers, designers, and Web Manager and production managers. Analyzes communications goals, coordinates project flow and deadlines and implements appropriate problem solving to overcome project hurdles.

Works well with other employees to obtain compliance with organizational policies. Exercises good judgment, courtesy and tact in interaction with employees and the public. Establishes and maintains positive relationships with commercial vendors.

Maintains effective web, blog, email and other online marketing, fundraising and communication tools. Technical and artistic skill and knowledge allows Holt to take advantage of new ways to reach families and donors, and expand the broad range of potential constituents. Produces accurate and timely productions that effectively communicate the goals and priorities of Holt International.



DESCRIBE CONTROLS: Under the supervision of the Web Manager.