Photonic Component and Packaging Engineer
Cisco Careers
Carlsbad, CA

About $83,000 - $100,000 a year

What you’ll Do:
Design and developed advanced, novel optical-components (i.e. fiber interfaces and micro-packaged lasers) and packaging processes to enable silicon photonics integrated circuits to be co-packaged with massive electrical switch chips to create the next generation cloud datacenters.

Who you’ll Work With:
You will be working with the core engineering team responsible for development of the Luxtera/Cisco’s high volume silicon photonics platform.

Who you are:
You are an optical engineer or physicist with experience in micro-optics packaging, particularly as it applies to building components for fiber optic communications systems. You should have a commanding knowledge of material science, materials processing and how it relates to the assembly and reliability of single mode micro-optical systems. You should be familiar materials, methods, components and processes use to manufacture fiberoptic communication components. A strong background in applied material science and mechanical design is desired.

Desired Education and experience: Advanced degree PhD or Masters with >3 years of industrial experience

Why Cisco:
Cisco has long been a leader in optical communications and with the addition of the Luxtera silicon photonics team we are positioned to be the global leader in in the application of silicon photonics. Come join the team that created the world’s first silicon phonics transceivers and help create the next revolution of integrated optics.