Research Engineer
Goldbelt Falcon
Fort Rucker, AL

About $67,000 - $97,000 a year

Job Brief
Research Engineer

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Exempt (Salary)

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Goldbelt Frontier, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Alaskan Native Corporation Goldbelt, Frontier places an emphasis on research and development, behavioral health, and medical and technological support services. Frontier is ideally suited to work with the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services. Goldbelt Frontier’s leadership offers specific expertise related to medical staffing, behavioral health, and program development CONUS and OCONUS.

Job Description:
The candidate shall advise the Principal Investigator and support staff in administration and execution of protocols.
The candidate performs as an Associate Investigator in laboratory procedures, testing, research activities, and other scientific and administrative tasks in fields such as aerospace, electrical, mechanical, biomedical, optical, or acoustical engineering or other related field.
The candidate shall use principles of and integrate aspects of scientific, engineering, and medical fields to accomplish project goals.
The candidate assists with developing testing procedures and data collection necessary to execute project goals.
The candidate assists with acquiring, analyzing, and evaluating data gathered during research and assuring accurate and complete documentation of protocol execution.
In addition, the candidate assists with preparing protocol interim and final reports, presentations, papers, and other documentation on research progress and findings.
The candidate shall rely on instructions and guidelines to perform the functions of the job, including, but not limited to, relevant standard operating procedures, national standards of research technical accuracy, and/or other written guidelines provided.
The candidate reads, understands, and executes techniques and procedures within the quality standards and timelines prescribed by the research plan.
Also, the candidate shall record all laboratory procedures, research project data, and results in government-authorized notebooks and electronic systems in accordance with applicable regulations and procedures.
Specialized skills may be required, including but not limited to, experience in photometry/radiometry, electro-optics, optical engineering, acoustical engineering, applied mathematics (e.g., linear systems analysis), and computer programming (e.g., MATLAB, C++, machine vision, AI or expert systems development).

possess and maintain the appropriate licensure, certification, or credentials
be in good standing and under no restrictions with the state licensure board in any state in which a license is held or has been held.