Entry Level Engineer - Field Engineer
Naval Nuclear Laboratory
Kittery, ME
Reactor Plant Contractors' Office (RPCO) Field Engineer. This position is for engineers who desire to spend a significant percentage of their time in a production environment.

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) maintains field offices in shipyards and facilities that conduct Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program work. RPCO engineers are the on-site representatives of NNL and component supply organizations in these shipyards and facilities. RPCO engineers provide technical support and oversight in all aspects of nuclear work. RPCO engineers must be able to apply sound engineering principles and judgement to make informed decisions and assist with problem resolution. RPCO engineers operate in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and independently exercise authority to ensure work is conducted in a safe manner. As a member of the RPCO Program, you will be expected to observe production operations, review work and test procedures, and identify process improvements that will minimize Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program costs or improve safety. RPCO engineers perform audits and surveillances on aircraft carriers, submarines, and at facilities to provide actionable feedback to local management.

Successful completion of a job-specific qualification is required for this position. Training associated with this qualification is expected to take approximately one year, depending on previous experience and will be conducted at the Knolls Laboratory (NY), Bettis Laboratory (PA), or Naval Reactors Facility (ID). At the conclusion of qualification, the prospective RPCO engineer will be expected to demonstrate both an adequate understanding of requirements and principles and the ability to function in a field location in a technical support and oversight capacity.

For interested candidates, this position may offer the potential for an approximate two to three year assignment at the Knolls (NY) or Bettis (PA) Laboratory prior to transferring into NNL's RPCO Program. The Laboratory assignment is intended to give a candidate experience in NNL's fleet support engineering community. The experience acquired in this role would directly translate into a future position within RPCO. NNL's fleet support community provides reactor plant engineering support (problem resolution and improvement initiatives) for both aircraft carrier and submarine platforms, in addition to reactor servicing support. Candidates interested in this path would be expected to relocate to the Knolls or Bettis Laboratory for approximately two to three years before starting qualification and subsequent relocation to a shipyard.

Domestic relocation assistance is available for the selected candidate.

Must be willing to relocate. Must be willing to work back shift hours as needed to support site testing operations. This position requires the ability to climb and descend ladders and transit elevated locations. Exposure to industrial noise should be expected. Strong written and verbal communication skills.

BS degree in engineering or Bachelor's degree in a science related field from an accredited college or university

BS degree in engineering or Bachelor's degree in a science related field from an accredited college or university and a minimum of two years relevant experience; or
MS degree in engineering or Master's degree in a science related field from an accredited college or university
Preferred Skills
Prior Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program design or operational experience is desired but not required. Strong leadership and mentoring ability desired.