Environmental Scientist or Engineer
National Older Worker Career Center
Boston, MA

$26,000 a year

ID: SMA-107 Location: Boston Program: SEE
Wage/Hr: $12.72 Hours/Week: 40 Minimum Age: 55

BA/BS Degree in Chemistry/Biology or Engineering OR Minimum of 10 year(s) of experience in chemical related manufacturing, sales or distribution Previously completed training in chemical management, environmental, health or safety chemical/biological research or analysis

strong writing and organizational skills plus proficiency in data analysis and tracking software
Experience required with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Fax, Copying Machine, Multiple Phone Lines, Scanner
digital camera

Participates in the implementation of the under the Chemical Accident Prevention Activities under Section 112 (r) of the Clean Air Act and General Duty and the Chemical Emergency Preparedness & Prevention under the Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)

Conducts enforcement inspections under EPCRA and CAA 112 (r) 40%
Provides enforcement case development support (such as preparing documents on factual matters, preparing drafts of enforcement case developments (e.g. memos, letters) for review and editing by Agency staff, research industry standards, collect and summarizes records (such as Secretary of State filings) and maintaining inspection files for deliverables. Additional duties include data analysis, data entry and enforcement activities tracking. 50%
Provides technical assistance and outreach for CAA 112 (r) program 10%

Overnight travel: 25 days per year
Air travel anticipated: 1-3 trips per year
Rental cars: 15 + days per year or as needed
Health Safety Training: 40 hours Safety and Health training + 8 hours annual refresher
Health and Safety Considerations: 40 hours safety and health training is a prerequisite for the position. EPA provides the 8 hour annual refresher
SEE will participate in on-site inspect of facilities which utilizes toxic & hazardous substance
Based on which facilities utilizing specific toxic chemicals are inspected, a specific toxic chemical monitoring would be required.
Required Safety Gear: Safety hard hat, hat glasses with side shields, steel toed boots, chemical resistant gloves and fire resistant coverall