Software Engineer Co-Op
Quality Vision International
Quality, KY

About $75,000 - $110,000 a year

Quality Vision International is the world's largest vision metrology company. QVI optical and multi-sensor measuring systems are the world's most popular, accurate, and reliable tools for manufacturing process control. Manufacturers around the world rely on QVI systems and people to assure the quality of their products.
QVI’s Utility Software Development Team builds and maintains software used for the configuration and calibration of metrology machines as well as diagnostics and other utilities.Responsibilities:

Work within a defined product development process.
Work with experienced software engineers to improve metrology software.
Enhance and test calibration procedures for use in metrology systems.
Implement changes to improve user experience of configuration and calibration procedures on metrology systems.
Develop, document and maintain system features to meet customer requirements for advanced optical measurement products.
Work in an interdisciplinary environment including optics, mechanical systems, electronic systems, image processing, and servo systems.

Example Projects:
Maintenance and enhancement of metrology system configuration and calibration procedures.
Maintenance and enhancement of metrology software UI to improve usability and performance.
Maintenance of related software components used for storage of configuration and calibration data and for reporting diagnostic information.

Education and Experience:
Working toward the completion of a degree in one or more of the following fields.
Computing/Computer Science (BS/MS) Dual Degree,
Computing/Computer Science (MS),
Computing/Computer Science (BS),
Computing/Computer Science - Electrical Engineering (BS/MS) dual degree,
Computing/Game Design & Development (MS),
Computing/Computer Science (BS) Evening Option,
Computing/Information Sciences and Technologies (MS),
Computing/Web and Mobile Computing (BS),
Computing/Software Engineering (BS),
Computing/Medical Informatics (BS),
Computing/Software Engineering (MS),
Computing/Game Design & Development (BS),
Computing/Medical Informatics (MS),
Engineering/Eng TechElectrical,
Engineering/Eng Tech-Computing,
Math/Statistics/Computational Mathematics - Applied and Computational Mathematics (BS/MS) dual degree,
Math/Statistics/Computational Mathematics (BS/MS) dual degree,
Math/Statistics/Computational Mathematics – Computer Science (BS/MS) dual degree,
Math/Statistics/Computational Mathematics (BS)