PTM Mid Developer
Payroll Tax Management
Santa Ana, CA
Position Summary:
The Mid Developer develops software solutions to meet client requirements through team and individual efforts. Participates in the analysis and composition of requirements, design of architectural and component software features, design and implementation of system, design and implementation of test plan, and documentation of final product.

Job Functions:
Develop applications written in JavaScript, APSX, C#, and/or SQL using the Micorsoft stact of .NET (visual studio 4+ and SQL sever 2012+)
Adapt to new languages, methodologies and platforms to meet the needs of the project
Review code
Write documentation
Follow test procedures
Responsibile for production software components
Responsible for UI design, business logic development and SQL optimization
Work alongside other development and operations team members to collaborate and develop dynamic solutions
Employee may perform other related duties th meet the ongoing needs of the company as requested by manager.