Assembly Supervisor - 2nd Shift
Manitou Group
Waco, TX

About $28,000 - $37,000 a year

Truck Assembly Supervisor - 2nd Shift

General Accountability:
Manages production activities of truck assembly and import make ready. Coordinate production schedule with Operations Manager to ensure on-time delivery of products. Responsible for maintaining the high-quality standards expected by our customers, and for the final testing of all products. Tracks production and shop floor work orders on a daily basis to ensure all areas are on time. Coordinates with Quality Assurance on process and product improvements and or problems. Ensures in cooperation with the Manufacturing Engineer Manager that all federal, state and company safety regulations and policies are adhered to by all employees at all times.

1. Assembly Process:
Picks up the work orders from Production Control.
Ensures that there are adequate personnel and equipment to accomplish daily tasks.
Ensures that parts and materials are ready and are moved to stations along with the work order packets.
Coordinates with necessary departments to ensure that at the beginning of each shift the employees have the parts work instructions and assembly prints to accomplish that daily production.
End of each shift, turns in completed work orders and researches causes for late orders.
Relay causes to the Plant Manager and assists in necessary corrective action.
Follows ECN application according to the effective date and records serial number breaks on the production schedule file.
Makes sure that every station has the accurate revision of drawings. Explains technical changes to employees.
Is responsible for accurate locations of parts on the line.
Is responsible for 5S application.

2. Manpower utilization:
Assists operators in each area with problem-solving and make sure all resources necessary to complete production tasks are available.
Supervisor shall allocate personnel and delegate tasks according to the workload to ensure that assembly line and make ready goals are met.
Shall manage PTO so that workload can be completed on time.
Shall if necessary send personnel home if there is no work for them on a given day, or if they have completed all work assigned prior to the end of the shift. May also use them for other duties as needed such as maintenance, PM, or helping in another section that may have overload.

3. Quality:
Responsible for the quality of assembled products.
Ensures that the appropriate testing is done in accordance with published quality control procedures and documents.
Continually inspects the processes in the shop to ensure all employees are following the published documented procedures.
Alerts Quality Assurance to any problems on the shop floor immediately. This includes inspecting, assembly.
Alert Plant Manager to any problems that adversely affect the ability to ship.
Write and submit PSP forms for each problem found that cannot be fixed on the shop floor, by production personnel.
Coordinate with Quality Assurance on the improvement of our processes and the improvement of the overall quality of our finished product.

4. Personnel:
Hiring and dismissal of personnel working under you.
Enforcement of Company Personnel, Safety, and Quality policies.
Training of New personnel/review.

5. Safety:
In accord with the Manufacturing Engineer Manager ensure that all personnel in the assembly area comply with Federal, State and Company Safety and environmental regulations and policies.
When necessary take disciplinary action against individuals in violation of said policies.
Ensure all personnel have the proper Personal Protective Equipment and are consistently using them.
Ensure that physical plant in your area is in compliance with safety and housekeeping policies.

6. Maintenance:
Ensure cleanliness of the Assembly areas and the outside areas according to site plan.
When maintenance issues arise, either assign someone to repair problems or fill out a maintenance request form.
Formulates and submits justifications and requests for new equipment when needed.

7. Other Duties:
Assembly Supervisor shall assume other additional duties as assigned.

High school diploma or equivalent, vocational school training preferred.

Qualified candidates need to have at least 3 to 5 years’ of experience managing operations in low volume, high mix production environment.

This individual will need to have a working knowledge of managing shop orders in an MRP environment.
We are looking for self-motivated individuals with the ability to communicate priorities, identify and solve problems, and provide support as needed for the employees.
Attend training classes, special technical and administration courses, seminars, exhibits, and trade shows to keep abreast of and well informed on new developments pertinent to the operations supervised.

This position is located in Waco, TX.