Conversion Developer, Land & Vital Records
Tyler Technologies, Inc.
Lakewood, CO
Conversion fulfills an important role in a software solution because they are one of the first teams a new client will interact with and set the stage in the software for years to come. A conversion developer will not only translate client data into one of Tyler’s many products, but also design and develop tools that empower our clients to do the same.

Client data can arrive in many formats and the conversion developer must analyze, understand, and

translate the data into Tyler’s SQL product database. Understanding the domain is essential to identify with our clients and ensure that the work that is done will comply with their existing business processes.

Participate in the complete software development lifecycle. This includes: requirements analysis, design, implementation, unit testing, deployment tools, and maintenance. Individuals with creativity and an eye toward automation are desired.

Teams are self-organized SCRUM that work heavily with both the implementation team and development team to provide the best client transition experience possible. Utilizing SCRUM helps keep conversion projects on-track while still focusing on client-facing tools.

Our interview process is technical and requires knowledge in either relational database structures or object-oriented development. If you consider yourself a strong developer with a passion of improving client experience, please apply to learn more.

Work with technology-driven solutions that cover the full spectrum of the land development life cycle, including mass appraisal services, land and official records management, and property tax assessment and administration. From data collection to computer-assisted mass appraisal to tax billing and collections, you can help develop and deliver solutions that build thriving communities and fundamentally change how local governments operate in the future.

Lakewood, Colorado

Deep understanding and advanced skill set with an OO language.
Experience in C# and .NET or Java.
Experience with SQL.
Desire to work in a fast-paced agile environment.
Ability to work on multiple projects at once and switch contexts quickly.
Ability to quickly absorb complicated frameworks and business rules.
Passion for software development.
Can move a complicated project forward without heavy direction.
Desire to serve as a member of SCRUM team.
BS/BA degree in related field or equivalent experience is desired.
Strong understanding of Object-Oriented Design.
Experience with relational databases.
Extremely strong problem solving/analytic abilities applicable to troubleshooting complex and abstract problems while discovering realistic solutions.