Tubular Technology Engineer
United States Steel
United States Steel Corporation, has an immediate opening for a Tubular/Premium Connection Consulting Engineer in its Tubular Division located in Houston, TX.

This consulting engineer will be responsible for working with the Director of Quality and the Director of Product Design and Development, in the role of research & development of new tubular product features; research project management; developing technical content for use in company brochures and website; support of USS Tubular Products' new product development objectives; participate as a key member of the USSTP technical group in customer technical sales and service meetings; and develop, recommend and implement technology tools that enable advanced product performance analysis and testing.

Key responsibilities include:
  • Continuous focus on safety.
  • Develop Finite Element analysis and response surfaces for Tubular performance, including the impact of application environments and fracture mechanics.
  • Develop Finite Element analysis, response surfaces, and digital twins for API, Semi-Premium, & Premium Connections, including the impact of cyclical loading, elevated temperature, creep and manufacturing tolerances.
  • Develop Finite Element analysis of pipe making processes, study their impacts on product performance at the mill and in the field, recommend and manage the implementation of process improvements.• Recommend and implement product design and analysis improvements by reviewing and analyzing Papers concerning Tubular and Premium Connection Technologies and applications.
  • Develop specific technical content for presentations that can gain leadership in the industry and/or advance technical marketing of USS products.
  • Develop formal USS technical papers/presentation for delivery at industry technical conferences.
  • Provide technical lead in managing specific research and development projects when assigned.
  • Review and develop USS strategic positions concerning industry standards technical issues (API, ISO, NACE, etc)
  • Recommend and implement product design and analysis improvements by reviewing and analyzing standards bodies tubular research (on-going or published) (API, ISO, NACE, etc).
  • Support the development of fully integrated solutions, from mill to well and beyond and make U. S. Steel Tubular Products the supplier of choice, now and for the future.
  • Provide sound engineering justification for the correlation between physical testing and analysis
  • Provide independent validation of FEA linear and nonlinear results
  • Write formal FEA reports that is presentable to internal and external customers.
  • Improve FEA efficiency by implementing innovative ways for pre and post processing
  • Master or Doctor degree in Mechanical Engineering or Material Engineering
  • Experience as a consulting engineer (Technology &/or Research)
  • OCTG or Line Pipe Experience (Product Engineering, Research, or Application Design)
  • Finite Element Analysis in Tubular and Threaded Connection performance/processes using Static Standard and/or Dynamic Implicit/Explicit (Collapse, Internal yield, Ductile Rupture, Brittle Fracture, Axial yielding) (Abaqus preferred)
  • 5 plus years of demonstrated capability to conceptualize thread and seal elements for design of premium threaded connections OR with 5 plus years of equivalent experience with tool joint design.
  • Experience in writing technical Papers and Research Reports
  • Experience with 3D CAD software (Solidworks preferred)
  • Proficient in computer skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
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Tubular Headquarters

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Company Overview

Steel is essential to advancing modern society. In fact, countless aspects of our lives wouldn’t be possible without it. From state-of-the-art household appliances and safer, more fuel-efficient automobiles — to steel framing that makes our homes stronger and tubular products that support the development of our nation’s energy resources — our products build quality of life for people around the world. U. S. Steel is on an exciting transformational journey to become the iconic corporation — a company set apart from the competition through the talent of our people, the quality of our product, and the strength of our performance. We are seeking talented, motivated people to help us create the next generation of U. S. Steel, known for consistently out-performing the competition, delivering superior returns, and creating value for our customers as a world-class supplier of innovative steel products and solutions.

Competency Summary

  • As a senior leader of the company, qualified candidates for this role also must demonstrate the ability to lead change, effective communication, and high-performance teams. - As a manager/supervisor of the company, qualified candidates for this role also must demonstrate the ability to manage change, communicate effectively, and lead high-performance teams. - As an individual contributor, qualified candidates for this role also must demonstrate the ability to champion change and effective communication while contributing to team success.
Equal Employment Opportunity

U. S. Steel is a principled company committed to its core values of safety, diversity & inclusion, environmental stewardship, results focus & accountability. We focus on our customers, driving quality and ensuring cost effectiveness. We promote an environment of respect, transparency and collaboration – encouraging new ideas that drive innovation and our collective success. U. S. Steel is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunity (EEO) according to job qualifications without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, genetics, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, disability status or status as a protected Veteran or any other legally protected group status.

CompanyU. S. Steel Tubular Products, Inc.