Process Engineer
Chemico, LLC
Spring Hill, TN

About $75,000 - $98,000 a year

Process Engineers manage chemical or related processes and the associated chemistry and biological aspects to meet the customer requirements. Responsibilities may involve testing, cleaning, performing physical additions and other aspects as well as problem solving and chemical knowledge.

Interact with site personnel to facilitate effective chemical management program.
Work with staff to reduce waste and process specific chemical usage.
Develop chemical procedures and operational parameters with on-site team.
Manage all chemical systems within documented customer operational parameters.
Performs chemical testing as required.
Troubleshoot all chemical related issues.
May require the physical labor of chemical additions and movement.
Communicate with the Program Manager on site requirements.
Formalized systematic problem solving with specified format.
Coordinate supplier service activities.
Coordinate and support on and off site training activities.
Identify and communicate tiered supplier performance issues.
Ensure effective chemical application and solvent usage.
Identify and implement continuous paint process improvements.
Work with appropriate site personnel to maintain chemical related equipment and process system needs.
Research and take action on Requests for Service.
Participate on problem solving and quality teams.
Receive all deliveries and ensure that deliveries comply with corporate policy.
Operate mobile equipment such as fork trucks.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, and/or Refinery Engineering preferred.
1-5 years related experience preferred.
Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Outlook, and use of internet.
Works effectively and maintains good working relationships with all levels of management, customers, customer contractors, suppliers, and company personnel.
Possesses strong problem identification and resolution skills and cooperates with all internal customers.
Successfully manages and prioritizes large volume of work.
Demonstrate strong analytical and good interpersonal skills.
Excellent knowledge of related process chemistry, and sciences.
Accepts challenges, identifies needs, and willingly works on new projects.
Is attentive to detail, focused, thorough, and accurate.
Demonstrates flexibility and works well on teams.
Ability to sit for prolonged periods of time in front of computer.
Ability to stand for prolonged periods and walk within very large industrial environments.
Ability to use computers to create spreadsheets, documents, graphs, compose reports and presentations.
Able to handle chemicals and make chemical additions in excess of 30 pounds.
Occasional travel possibly required.
Some travel may be required.