Mechanical Engineer
New York, NY
The Design & Project Management (DPM) unit provides oversight on the coordination of construction, renovation, and relocation efforts for various City agencies within leased and City-owned space. DPM oversees and manages the preliminary planning of said projects as well as their execution through substantial completion, project close out and final client relocation. In addition, DPM assists the Leasing staff in the negotiation of the alteration and improvement sections of the lease.

Under a new cost savings initiative to maximize utilization of City-owned space and to minimize real estate costs, Design & Project Management plays a crucial role in executing projects in order to make the use of space more efficient. The function of this Mechanical Engineer position is to manage projects for leased and City owned space to advance to City’s space utilization goals and strategy including the repurposing of spaces to maximize their use. The Mechanical Engineer will need to be able to manage complex mechanical and HVAC projects for project in leased space including multi story buildings, and to develop review, and or supervise plans and technical drawings to ensure compliance with code, industry and City standards. Performing project contract and general administration duties is also required.

  • Evaluate mechanical and HVAC issues arising from the redesign and repurposing of existing spaces to maximize their use.
  • Assist in identifying long term infrastructure improvement opportunities in support of the space use maximization initiative.
  • Review site conditions and develop a scope of work.
  • Ensure that all mechanical systems are code compliant.
  • Write or review consultant and other agencies scopes of work for mechanical projects.
  • Develop and/or review, as required, preliminary plans and construction documents for project scope and compliance with codes enforced by governmental authorities.
  • Design and prepare drawings for the existing service and/or distribution systems alterations pertaining to the partial building space renovations (office, computer rooms, mechanical rooms, etc.)
  • Prepare, sign and seal the applicable design documents for DOB filing; obtain DOB design approval prior to construction as required and conduct the final inspection for the DOB sign-off. All in-house design must be prepared in AutoCAD.
  • Manage construction projects, check field conditions, and coordinate with other agencies.
  • Review and comment, as required, on lease construction articles for Real Estate Projects.
  • Review design and construction bids to ensure all scope of work is accounted for.
  • Assist project architect in resolving field conditions affecting mechanical systems during construction.
Minimum Qual Requirements
(1) Four (4) years of full-time, satisfactory experience in mechanical engineering work; and
(2) A valid New York State Professional Engineer’s License. Current New York State registration as a Professional Engineer must be maintained for the duration of your employment.
A masters degree in mechanical engineering from an accredited college or university, accredited by regional, national, professional or specialized agencies recognized as accrediting bodies by the U.S. Secretary of Education and by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) may be substituted for one year of the mechanical engineering experience required in “1" above.

Special Note:
In addition to above qualification requirements, to be eligible for placement in Assignment Levels II and III, individuals must have at least one year within the last three years of experience as a major contributor or a project leader on a complex project requiring additional and specific expertise in the disciplines needed to design or construct the project.
Preferred Skills
  • Proficiency in computer programs such as Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint and updated versions of AutoCAD.
  • Demonstrated creative thinking and problem solving when designing mechanical systems.
  • Familiarity with NYC Building Code.
  • Familiarity developing scopes of work.
  • Comfortable with the preparation of budgets and timelines for real estate projects
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Proactive & driven with ability to generate positive solutions and results
  • Ability to reprioritize projects & deliverables frequently
  • Ability to think strategically and analyze all potential issues and alternative solutions
  • Strong interpersonal and customer skills in order to effectively communicate with multiple stakeholders
To Apply
Please go to or for current NYC employees and search for Job ID 399475.
Residency Requirement
New York City Residency is not required for this position