Onsite Engineer
Oxnard, CA

About $88,000 - $110,000 a year


Looking for a new adventure...come join our journey!

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HealthSpaceswas founded by a team of technology leaders, engineers, and Agile practitioners equipped with decades of experience across healthcare and technology. We have come together to create an absolutely amazing workplace culture, which is the primary factor helping us translate what we do to happy customers. We are developing and applying new technologies to fix the many problems facing healthcare for the key players - patients, physicians and their staff.

We place a high value on co-worker relationships and are looking for people to join us on this journey we call life. We are looking for candidates who are not merely looking for a job, they are looking for a way of life. We value:

  • mindset over knowledge
  • the way you think over years of experience
  • culture over compensation
  • eagerness to learn over what you know
  • collaboration over departmental hierarchies
  • freedom to explore new technologies over existing tools and methods

We are looking for multi-disciplinary engineer who want to surround themselves with similarly creative and hard-working peers in an innovative environment that focuses on delivering useful results that customers value.

Job Description

As a front line onsite engineer, you will be working in direct support of end users, helping them with technical issues, either over the phone or face to face. Your ability to solve problems and interact with people is vital to the ongoing operational efficiency of the company.

Who youARE

  • Creative – you find unique ways to solve difficult problems and challenge the status quo
  • Self-managing - you take full ownership of driving tasks to completion, and helping those around you in doing the same
  • Collaborative – you recognize that working as a team yields more effective results than working alone; do you value your workplace culture and your co-workers experiences over chasing compensation; do you challenge others and set high goals for yourself and the people around them; do you want to spread your knowledge and insights to those around you in order to make them better.
  • Results driven – you focus on projects that deliver value to the end user; do you chase the ability to cause change and disrupt industries; are you the type to find solutions to major problems
  • Business savvy – you understand your clients and deliver solutions that cater to their needs
  • Cross disciplinary – you have skills that span across disciplines and are comfortable playing different roles in more than just one area
  • Continuous learner – you seek out ways to constantly develop your skills and invest in learning every single week
  • Agile – you pivot easily within a constantly changing environment and are comfortable with a high degree of change
  • Risk taker – you see failure as part of the learning process and do it time and again; are you the type to not hold back on whenever you have an idea; are you not scared to try something new, and will do your best in collecting data and analytics to make sure that your ideas are foolproof

Who you areNOT

  • Individual contributor – you wait for directives from management and work individually to accomplish goals
  • Specialist - you specialize in a specific discipline in order to gain an ever- deeper understanding and contribute your key expertise in that area
  • Traditional – you thrive within structured corporate organizations where roles and titles are clearly defined, and where you can climb the corporate ladder
  • Management – you’ve established yourself as a manager within a hierarchy and are responsible for following and enforcing traditional HR practices
  • Passive – you prefer to leave the good ideas to others and focus instead on implementing them
  • Conservative – you stick with what has worked in the past, you are uncomfortable challenging the status quo, and generally avoid taking risks and trying new approaches
  • Linear – you are most comfortable working in a traditional project plan/gantt chart environment

Desired Skills

What operating systems, languages, processes, patterns, and practices you are aware of are not as important as your aptitude to learn and pick up new ways of doing things. You should be able to explain complex information in simple, clear terms to a non-IT personnel.

A general curiousness and aptitude to:

  • Install/maintain servers, network, and storage devices.
  • To pickup configuration and maintenance of generic applications.
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Up-to-date technical knowledge
  • Good interpersonal and customer care skills
  • Strong computer skills
  • Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems
  • Ability to communicate effectively to help customers fix their issues and feel satisfied with the experience
  • Logical thinker

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • Additional employee benefits and perks
  • Tech Stipend
  • One-of-a-kind culture

As part of our hiring process, we request each applicant please complete this quick questionnaire to help us further analyze your potential fit within our company:


Job Type: Full-time